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I am Shiba ChocolateDrop, you may know me from facebook, DeviantArt (ShibaLovesBOLT) or Youtube (Rocketsama, ManyObsessionsNF), Sumopaint and FurAffinity, even if the last two ones are inactive c: I´m the biggest Fan of Rocket, from Ginga Densetsu Weed. I don´t wanna discuss about that, because I am and that will NOT change. I´m not one of these fake #1 Fans, who just like the character and pretend to be the biggest Fan of it. NOPE Shiba LOVES Rocket since she saw him the first time in the series. And I watched all the Ginga Series, I know all the mangas and I´m in love with it since 2009. My favourite Dog Breed is the borzoi. I know very much about dogs (okay that sounds arrogant but It´s true.) But Ginga is not the only thing I love^^ I´m a HUGE Fan of How to train your Dragon and everything that has to do with it, like Riders of Berk, Book of Dragons, Gift of the Night Fury etc. And. I. LOOOOOVE Disney´s BOLT! He´s the MOST amazing Super Dog EVER. He was the character who has awakened my love for dogs. My newest obsession is Rise of the guardians c: I´m in love with Jack Frost xD Yeah you can call me dumb and crazy if you like, but that can´t defeat me >:D Shiba is my Fursona btw, she represents my favourite colours, my favourite clothes and so...And my BEST FRIEND EVER is Onyx Forepaw (I forgot her username of weasyl ^w^´), the biggest ever Fan of BOLT :D Same with me, she´s not a faker and NO you can´t steal her title. If ANYONE wants to try that: HER BESTIE IS HERE TO HER RESCUE >:C I know her for a very long time and I know what her title means to her. So let her alone. Anyway have fun here and btw the pics here are only the newest ones. To see older pics visit my DeviantArt page^^ ~SHIBA

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I'm SO sorry for being SO inactive D:> Please forgive me, I didn't forget ya all, I'm trying to be more active, okay? I LUF YOU^^


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    Thanks for the fav on deviantart

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    Guys,it's Ru

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    You've got loads of stuff Shiba, that's on Facebook but it's not here, you gotta upload it man c': And that amazing horse you uploaded to your irl account too ;U;

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    Thank you very much for the follow, I really appreciate it!

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    :O Thank you very much for the favourite and the watch!

    Lovely artwork :3

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      Thankies, I´m glad you like it^^ And no prob, you deserve it c:

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        ^^' Awh, why thank you

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    OMG A TOOTHLESS ARTIST!! :D (the dragon not literly toothless...)