My name is Lenny. Im from Switzerland. Im a dumb silly Dragons and Furry loving black Fox. I love Music(especially Metal,Punk,DnB,Dubstep, Hiphop,Electro swing and Rock) i like to make photos and like furrys alot. try talk to me and i'll try to talk back^^ i dont bite except you wish it. And im in a happy relationship with my rl Girlfriend. i love mangas,animes,comics. good movies(blu-rays or cinema) and to play games alot

And i totally cant draw


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Relationship meme by Onyx

on 3 April 2015 at 15:53:20 MDT

1- Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I cant show ya an account cause she has none^^ But her Name is Fiona like in the movie shrek :3

2- How did you two meet?

About 3 years ago we met at a games/toys/manga con as one of my best friends knew her and we saw us first time. :) She started to call me Zombie as I acted like one xD About a month later we met her and her best friend(which is now that friends gf xD) at an Eluveitie concert and at the end of it we went out in the rain smoking and talking where it started

3- When did y'all officially start dating?

no idea^^ im not a big datekeeper i just know the 15.5. we will be together since 3 wonderful years^^

4- Did you meet online?

nope :3

5- What attracted you the most to him/her?

Hmm a lot. for some of the most is her music taste as we both listen metal(i slip a lil bit over to techno/reggea/DNB<3/EDM). Then some private thing if you know what i mean ;) i love her for being such a smart personality and shes cute^^

6- Is he/she what you expected?

Not as I expected someone in a real relationship as it began as i didnt know how it is. but how she is now is what i love so yes very much<3

7- Did you kiss on your first date?

yarrrp :D

8- When did you first have sex?

In a tent at a metal/rock festival^^

9- Do you live with them?

No. I`m 20 and she is 18 we both live at our parents homes stil(i do only cause i always run out of money xD) but we meet us about 4 days a week where we live together at her or at me

10- Are they snugglers?

Yes definately she is^^ sometimes i only have to snuggle with her and all her sadness/depression is gone^^

11- What was the last compliment they gave you?

That she likes my breasts xD as i am having little bit of chub therexD

12- How long have you been dating?

About 3 years^^

13- Would you spend the rest of your life with them?

Id say yes.

14- When will you see them next?

sunday then the whole week^^ will be awesome as i have vacation^^

15- What interests do you share?

Big, fat, hard Dicks XD
No it are many things inmain the music, we both love weed, both big anime/Manga/Comics/Books lover. We love to play games. And we both like furry(the anthro animal, not really the fandom.)

16- Is there something you regret?

That i am the thinkable laziest Person on Earth xD

*17- What was the last thing (s)he gave you? *

Hmm the last thing was a cigarette or a plushie donkey xD

18- What was the last thing you gave them?

i guess it was a manga

19- Are they willing to sacrifice for you?

ehmon many ways yes^^ but just not always but nobodys purrfect^^

20- Have they given you a ring?

Nope but Earplugs:)

21- Are you taller or shorter than them?

About 20cm taller^^

22- What is their personality?

Gently, helpful, crazy like me andloves dope:3

23- Are they a furry?

Not really like a conventional. we both like cute animal/furry art but are socially slightly strange sometimes so never been at a meet

24- What side of the bed do you sleep on?

At the beginning we changed but by time i started to sleep on the right side(against the wal) and she on the left that i dont squeeze her against the wall while we sleep as i move and talk in sleep XD

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