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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

General Information
-If you commission me, you are agreeing to these terms:
Purchasing a digital copy, not a physical one
Sketches/WIP are available upon request
After commission is complete, you will receive a full-resolution file, whether by email or through a note. Make sure to save it to your computer.
Lower resolution copy will be posted to my gallery, unless otherwise noted
No commercial use will be allowed for my commissions.
Reserve the right to cancel your commission
Will refund you if I cancel your commission
I WILL NOT draw in a different style
I reserve the right to adjust the price depending on the level of detail
Promising you won't use a Paypal chargeback.
Copyright / Usage Policy
As the creator of the artwork, I:
May post the image anywhere I please, with commissioner credited for the characters
Use art in a promotional manner
Offer digital files on Patreon
As a commissioner, you are allowed:
To post the artwork to other sites, as long as proper credit to me is given as the artist
May use it however you wish, as long as you are not making money from it
As a commissioner you ARE NOW allowed to:
Change / modify artwork in any way
Reproduce my artwork commercially (anyway that makes money)
Take credit for my artwork
Remove my signature
Background and Other Information
Backgrounds are included in the price of the commission. However, depended on the level of detail of the desired background, the price may go up. Detailed background consist of forests, cities, landscapes, etc... Simple backgrounds are a plain colors, gradients; may come with some flashy details, but nothing too complicated.

Payment Information
I accept Paypal or Deviantart points. No other payment methods accepted
Require full payment before I begin the commission.
Accept payments in USD. Use to get the correct amount in your currency
If I don't receive payment in 3 days, you will lose you slot
Do not send payment until I confirm that I can accept you commission
For auctions, DO NOT RETRACT A BID. If the price gets too high, I meet consider a payment plan. But contact me BEFORE you bid.
Please follow this link: how to send money with paypal. Please follow all the instructions, especially the shipping info. YOU WILL NOT receive anything physical.
Work Speed
I will work on your commission as fast as a I can, however if there are other commission ahead of yours, I will complete them first. If there is any delay, I will inform you.

I will not make any changes once the commission is complete. Please be VERY specific when you request your commission
Refunds are as follows: If i haven't started, 100% refund. Sketch is 50% refund and once I reach lineart, I will not give you anything back
I will refund you 100% if I for any reason, cannot complete your commission. However, I will use this at my discretion.

How to Order
Please send me a note or email in the following format:
Your dA username:
Payment method: (Paypal / Points)
*Paypal Adress: (*erase that line if you're paying with points)
*My Paypal email is the email that I'm using to purchase the commission. (*erase if paying with points)

I, [your name/username], certify I have read, understood and accepted your terms of service and I also verify that the commission I am purchasing is 100% voluntary, I am of legal age and/or have my parent's permission to purchase it. As well as I promise to not request any chargeback once the commission is finished.

Name of your OC:
Reference: (a good reference, please, I will not work with descriptions)
Type: (Full body/ Thigh up / Chibi / Mini-chibi / Ref. Sheet)
Background: (none / simple / landscape)
Other: (anything else I need to know?)

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Flat Color

Flat Color, Flul Body
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00

Full Page

Full Page - Color, Shade, Background
$ 25.00


$5 Lineart
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00


Full Color, Full Body, Shading
$ 15.00


$2 Sketch Commission
from $ 2.00
to $ 10.00

Sketch Commission - $2
Lineart Commission - $5
Flat Color - $10
Shaded - $15
Full Page - $25



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