Just now getting fixed up on Weasyl atm. So I may be a bit slow with getting things up here.

If you recognize me from FA/DA, it's great too see ya here. If you're finding me for the first time, Hello :D

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Renamon Appreciation commission invoices sent

on 9 March 2021 at 10:46:49 MST

Invoices have been sent out for this years Renamon Appreciation Commissions. If you did not receive an invoice, I am sorry. I am at my limit for now.

I'll be working through owed commissions all month, which includes the current IRAM related jobs.
Many of you had some great ideas I woud like to try. But, sadly, I must put a hold on those until I finish the current slots. I am unsure if I'll take on any more after the current batch is done. That said: I will keep folks updated on the events for the month.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

I like do Kofi
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    Thanks for faving art of my character, Neirith! Glad you liked it

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    Thanks for the fav hugs

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    Thank you for your fave. I would tell you to check out D6016, but I think you are already on top of that.

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      You're welcome.
      Yeah, I've been friends with D6016 when he was on FA. He's a cool artist.

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    Swimmin wiff teh Shark! ^_^

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    Thank you for the favourite!

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    thanks you fav~!!!

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    Thanks for the fav!