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Just now getting fixed up on Weasyl atm. So I may be a bit slow with getting things up here.

If you recognize me from FA/DA, it's great too see ya here. If you're finding me for the first time, Hello :D

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Opening Commissions for Krystal Appreciation Month (KrAM)

Hello once again everybody.
Been on a bit of a break back in June, relaxing and taking time for myself. After that, I started working on a few personal projects this July. Specifically, working on ideas for Acrylic Standees featuring Loona from Helluva boss & Jenny from Bucky O’Hare. I’ll post them up later this month.
As I worked on these, I took on a few commissions on the side too help keep things going. But now, I find myself in the final week of July, which means only one thing.

Krystal Appreciation Month is coming up.

That’s right, that time of the year once again when we celebrate the month of August to the Blue tribal space vixen. An even started by :iconyawg: to honor the sexy nympho of Sauria.
Starting today, I’ll be accepting any Krystal theme related commissions in advance for the month of August. If you’re interested in getting one, please visit the link provided and fill out my form there.

If you have questions regarding the KrAM theme commissions, you’re welcome to ask.

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    Thanks for faving art of my character, Neirith! Glad you liked it

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    Thanks for the fav hugs

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    Thank you for your fave. I would tell you to check out D6016, but I think you are already on top of that.

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      You're welcome.
      Yeah, I've been friends with D6016 when he was on FA. He's a cool artist.

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    Swimmin wiff teh Shark! ^_^

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    Thank you for the favourite!

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    thanks you fav~!!!

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    Thanks for the fav!