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Just now getting fixed up on Weasyl atm. So I may be a bit slow with getting things up here.

If you recognize me from FA/DA, it's great too see ya here. If you're finding me for the first time, Hello :D

Latest Journal

Still here and alive just busy and focused

It’s about time for an update on things. 
Back in January, I landed a job working night shifts and restocking shelves, full time. Originally, I felt like I could handle the work. I’ve been keeping in shape, exercising, I’m 6ft tall so naturally I felt those perks would benefit me.  However, as time went on, I found it increasingly difficult to do the job and do my art. I was facing a heavy dilemma: give up my art for a full-time job, thus losing all the progress I’ve made in the last 15 years or quit working overnight stocking and go back to my passion.
I chose the latter.
I’ve spent years working on art as a career that having only 2 days off from work after sleeping most the day and working nights accomplish nothing. I certainly would not be able to meet my goals I planned for 2024.  The time spent working overnight required more energy and fucked up my sleep cycle. The hours I would’ve spent drawing be minimal at best. So I decided to quit and come back to what I love doing.

As for current Commissions
I’m down to the final big commissions, of which are sequential image sets.
My goal is to finish these before Texas Furry Fiesta in March.  Speaking of furry conventions, you can find me in the Artist’s Alley selling merch: Standees, Prints & stickers. As well as accepting sketch & inked commissions while there.

Once TFF is over, I’ll be re-opening my regular commissions and re-opening Patreon.
As mentioned before, improvements are being worked on for content. As well as updates to the Subscription levels. 

$1 Tip Jar (Just the Tip) will have access to random sketched images. These sketches will be very rough and consist of random gestures, designs and ideas for future projects.

There are no plans at present for changing Curious Tentacle & Frisky Tentacle.

Lewd Tentacle will increase from $15 to $20, benefits remain the same.

A new Sub Tier for $100 will offer a single character digital commission as well as to all the other benefits of the other Sub Tiers.
The commissioned images will be shared to my social art sites, such as Furaffinity, Weasyl, bluesky, etc.
Plans for comics are still in the works.

I do like Kofi

You can find me here
Furaffinity | Weasyl | Twitter | Newgrounds | Itaku | Picarto

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    Thanks for faving art of my character, Neirith! Glad you liked it

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    Thank you for your fave. I would tell you to check out D6016, but I think you are already on top of that.

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      You're welcome.
      Yeah, I've been friends with D6016 when he was on FA. He's a cool artist.

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    Swimmin wiff teh Shark! ^_^

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    Thank you for the favourite!

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    thanks you fav~!!!

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    Thanks for the fav!