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The Cathedral of the Moon by Ryngs

The Cathedral of the Moon


The moon is full, and the witches midnight was at hand (3:33am). I felt the tug of the night, pulling me from my lonesome woes...

I stepped from my warm home that, into the stillness and quiet that only exists on a winters night. The chill of the air was biting and the lack of sounds was heavy, as I walked from the shadows into the sliver light. My eyes fell upon the tapestry of stars, and the dark blue sky. Alight with her pale face high above.

A moment and an eternity passed...

The silent adoration was broke by the low lone baleful howl of the Moon's herald. Echoing low and loud, as he was near, signaling the presence of my Goddess. The eerie song mixed with the cold, and the sense that SHE was looking upon me made every hair stand on end. Every ounce of my being was locked in awe.

Overcome, I bowed to her awesome majesty, and cried to her blessing, and to her soft almost imperceptible embrace...

The once still air stirred and the rustle of winter leaves broke the silence, and she was gone, and I then returned to the darkness of the shadows...

This was a moment that actually occurred for me on the last Full moon, and inspired this doodle.

Media: Digital
Size: 11” x 14”
Date: Feb 2016


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Visual / Digital


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    Oooh, love the feel of this

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      Thank you [Bows]

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    This is quite nice. It reminds me of paintings by Caspar David Friedrich.

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      You are the 2nd person to say that. I am flattered, the few works I have seen of his are stellar. I am not over familiar with his full body of work tho. I may have to look into it.

      Thank you [Bows]

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    Not leaving too many comments as I go through your work but this one is awesome.

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      Appreciated none-the-less.