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Update on Jeremy and Patreon

on 28 August 2018 at 22:53:21 MDT

Short version first. I’m going to discontinue stories as a Patreon reward. I much prefer giving stories out for readers that either contribute to the discussion or catch mistakes I make and help out that way. I’m also considering dropping one of the venues where Jeremy appears. Thats the short of it.

Long version; Recently events have taken place that has taken the enjoyment out of Jeremy for me. As things stand right now; if I catch up publishing to as far as the story is in first draft I’m going to call it done. I’m not going to leave everyone hanging though. I’ll give a short outline of the unfinished bits, maybe even let everyone know the secret to PATOMES.

I only opened a Patreon as an experiment in the first place. There were several artists on Patreon that I wanted to contribute to and started posting Jeremy there to help fund my support. It worked well enough at first. I’m finding out now that I set the rewards at the right place for the interest I initially got over the first year. As pleasing as the increased interest Patreon-wise has been the rewards were simply too generous to keep up with.

On thinking about how to adjust the monetization level for the rewards I realized I didn’t like what was happening to me. For now writing is still just a hobby. I’d rather not have to worry about the number of stories I owe supporters. Sorry everybody, but that’s not what I started out to have happen. Besides, most of my supporters had to think about what they wanted for their story for a number of days, if not a week or more. Some of you lot have to be poked and prodded to come up with something. Thats enough to make me think the majority of you aren’t in it for the stories anyway.

So here’s what happens from here on out. Those of you that have stories earned still get them. I also made the commitment that anyone working toward the next story reward gets that story. I will fulfill that promise, eventually. I’m going to have a fairly long story cue, so it will take some time to get everyone’s stories done. Hopefully its not going to take some of you that long to figure out what you want in a story.

As for Patreon, I’ll keep it running for now. I still have several months worth of Jeremy, enough to make it into next year. Perhaps that’ll be enough time for me to get back to wanting to continue. If not, thats something that I’ll have to make a decision on whats next when we get there.

Moving on, I’ve been posting Jeremy on three other sites. Fur Affinity has been the go to place for my stories more than a decade now. Its going to take more than the typical fringe induced drama to make me leave there. I also started posting Jeremy on Weasel and SoFurry. There are also a few other stories I’ve done since the start of Jeremy on both but thats all there is. You can find everything I’ve done under the name Kyrugii on FA.

I’ve found that Weasel is by far the friendliest site for writers. As for SoFurry, not so much. Just posting a story there I have to jump through so many hoops its getting tiresome. For the number of readers that take the trouble its hardly worth the extra effort. For now though, I’ll stick with it for a while longer.

Thats it for now.

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    You're welcome! I really enjoyed your Jeremy story so far, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!

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    Thank you very much for the follow ^.^

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    Thanks for the follow, Kyrugii!