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Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...

on 10 April 2019 at 16:14:06 MDT

Here’s where I’m at; done submitting to Fa, done submitting to sofurry and done submitting to Weasyl. I will not be posting anything on any of these sites for the foreseeable future.

The why? Many reasons but first and foremost, they are in my opinion no longer friendly sites.

There’s unequal implementation of the rules on both FA and Weasyl. My knock against weasel is that the very thing Jeremy 1.0 was torn down for is still being allowed from other writers and it has been grating on my nerves for the last couple of years. So, -goodbye.

FA recently modified the rating on a submission of mine due to it conflicting with the rules regarding content. I tried to shrug it off, but in looking around, again others are being given a pass for things even further past their arbitrary line that they called me on. To top that, one of the people I watch and admire had their icon removed for much the same unequal application of rules. It had been the same icon for more than seven years, but now it’s inappropriate? So, -goodbye.

And then there’s the irritating submission system on Sofurry. I’ve never been able to use anything other than the fallback upload, and it mandates that you tag it in some way, no thanks. And then there’s the rating system allows the rating submissions anonymously without any way for the creator to get any feedback on why something they worked on for hours gets a 1 star ratting. Add to that the platform itself had become unreliable. I noticed it was back after being down for weeks, but last week but I didn’t bother to catch up with Jeremy after the outage. No one there spoke up about the missed update, so interest isn’t enough to justify doing so, and I had pretty much decided to let it go there before this anyway. So, -goodbye.

There are also other minor things that for years have been frustrating but I will as always keep my opinions on those things to myself until action is called for. I’ll still be around to favorite and comment on the works of those who decide to continue providing content, but I’m done on these three sites.

Jeremy and any other stories I have will continue exclusively on Patreon.

Now, before you start screaming and pulling your fur out, you don’t need to pay to access anything in public there. Option one, bookmark the page here; and check in every week. Option two; Sign up is free, create an account and just follow the artist or writer you like and wait, if there is a wait, for it to be made public. Best part of Patreon is you can set up to get email notifications when those you follow post something. Also, to see anything I have you’ll need to state that you’re over 18, eliminating the hassle and worry if some snowflake mod is going to trigger over the word (expletive deleted). So far its a- wait, WTF just happened? I kid, one last time.

So as far as submissions, that’s all folks.

Signing, -out.

We have assumed control...

We have assumed control...

We have assumed control...

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    You're welcome! I really enjoyed your Jeremy story so far, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!

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    Thank you very much for the follow ^.^

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    Thanks for the follow, Kyrugii!