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Hola! The name is Rodrigo, also known as Rod or Rusco, and I'm a Mexican dogfox/ninetales~ Nice to meet you!
I'm a semi-professional writer of the tech-science-education sorts. I'm a student from the School of Philosophy and Literature, UNAM; the alma mater of Nobel laureate Octavio Paz. Feel free to commission me whenever I happen to be available.

See the commissions section for prices.

3DS Friend Code: 1392-5268-9764 || RuscoIstar

Latest Journal

Commissions are officially open!

on 8 February 2017 at 20:39:07 MST

You can check the details in my profile... Or here if you are that lazy:

I'm going to start accepting story pitches; this is not a first come first served thing. Only one commission slot this time.

P.S. Becoming a full time academic is murdering my free time xD

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A) Novel (+60000 words)
C$ 8000.00
B) Novella (15001 - 60000 words)
from C$ 500.00
to C$ 2000.00
C) Novelette (7501 - 15000 words)
from C$ 125.00
to C$ 250.00
D) Short Story (3001 - 7500 words)
from C$ 20.00
to C$ 50.00
E) Very Short Story (Up to 3000 words)
from C$ 0.50
to C$ 10.00
add  Story (Adult)
from C$ 1.00
to C$ 400.00
add  Story (Mature)
from C$ 0.50
to C$ 200.00

Commission Guide:

What can I expect on plot complexity and number of characters for a given word count?
‣ <3000 words == Four characters max. A couple of long scenes or a glimpse into an active story. Can have a bit of a plot line to it. Mostly just for a quick one shot.
‣ <7500 words == Six characters max. More detailed plot with one to two time ranges. Can give greater depth to any topic.
‣ >7501 words == The sky is the limit. Highly detailed plot. Can span multiple time ranges, story lines and plot points. Scenes are done in great detail with lots of descriptions and dialogues.

How many pages long my story is going to be?
Divide your word count by 250 for an approximate page count.

Can you give me more details about your prices and Terms of Service?
> Pricing and offers <
> Terms of Service <


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