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Artist formerly known as "gorgonops".

Learning to love art again after going through a fine arts program beat all the joy out of it. Been back at art since November of 2013 after over two years of inactivity. I'm having to pick up a lot of lost ground. (And I am always open to constructive criticism!)

I primarily work digitally due to space constrictions where I'm currently living, but my favorite traditional mediums are watercolor, ink, and screen printing. I also enjoy cross stitching.

I tend to draw a lot of furries, because they're fun, but I draw other stuff, too.

I can also be found on FA and Twitter

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Content Question

Hey there watchers! I am going to be drawing some less conventional fetishy stuff (eventually, when I stop feeling like death every month hopefully), so I have a question for you:

On sites like this, with tag blocking, would you still prefer that content be separated out into another account?

On FA I definitely had plans for a second account, but here, if someone's not interested in transformation or something they can tag block it and I am good about using proper tags. So I am not sure if it's worth the bother of two separate accounts unless you folks would prefer it that way!

Thank you for your feedback!

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    Thanks a lot for the watch! ^^

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      But of course! I was ever so pleased to see you on Weasyl. :)

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    Had a great time art jamming at TFF! Sorry our party got a little crowded. Would have came up to yours but my SUPPOSEDLY designated driver ended up getting plastered and I suddenly had to be the responsible one. :V

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      Hell yeah! Was good getting to meet you!

      All good on the party front, we still had a great time. :) And ahaha that sucks, sorry man! Shame our cab services down here are crazy expensive. Glad you made it home safe!

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    just found you on reddit, great stuff!

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    DURR why was I not following you here. :I

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    Dear god, again I was like OMG who is Ruggy?!!? then I see your banner and i am like, O right, Its gorgonops xD