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So hey. Another one of these I'm finally getting around to blathering all over. Cool.

I love seeing characters put through broad interpretations. Like when a cute artist draws a 'big-and-badass' character in their cute style, or those 'realistic style' Pokemon you see around, stuff like that. Seeing what things look like through another lens is neat, so you can expect to see me commission some possibly unexpected folks, considering my character. Yup, 'expect the unexpected' even - But, plenty of the expected 'rawr awr' too.

I'm on F-List if you're into all that RP business.

Don't take the spooky stuff too seriously - I'm not even close to 'murdergore deathslice mckillballs' 24/7. It's theatrics in good part, I play her as more of a really weird drinking buddy/patient listener type with a funky sense of humour than anything, usually prefering to JUST freak people out for kicks and have a good time, over actually harming them.


Unless she's hungry. The dark stuff is all a very distinct possibility, then. *chuckles wickedly*

I mostly use art sites to check in to see what all the much cooler people people I've got on watch are doing/nose around and skim artists for neat looking stuff that makes me wanna hire them, so. I'm honestly not entirely sure what else to say here.

Got anything to say, yourself? Just toss me a shout, and I'll eventually reply - unless you've got an F-List profile. I'm on the chat over there more often than anything. (Or Skype. Just make sure to let me know 'hey I'm so-and-so from X' if your name isn't obvious, or I might get the wrong idea.)

Sergals©Mick39 on FA, and a part sergalthing still warrants this~


Nyxie V~

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So this is pretty much amazing,

It's good to have perspective - This is still really, really funny to me even though at one time or another I've probably hit a good half the horrors in the pile, hahaha.

Just had to reshare it:
Captain Planet + Power Rangers + Some of the 'furriest' of furries =

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    Your character is amazing!! Can't wait to see more of her show up

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