Hey! Im new to weasyl but not so nee to art. I mostly upload my art to but once I get some free time I'll be uploading my favorite works here. :) feel free to talk to me.~

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FREEBIE Head shots! Weasyl exclusive!~

on 26 April 2015 at 16:44:19 MDT

Hello everyone of Weasyl!

Here's a little about myself, I'm Raina, from FA, and I'm pretty shy and quiet most of the time. I try to keep my Weasyl updated but I sometimes fail miserably at it.

I think it's hard to remember to update here because I only have 37 watchers, as with on FA, I've got more than 1,000 and still growing.

But here's how I'll try to reach out to this community too! Just like when I was new to FA, I did lots of Freebies to get people to know I even existed. :)

SO Freebie Head shots, and here's all you have to do.

Follow me
Leave a ref in a comment below
And if you could, let others know I'm here! :D I want to make many new friends here!
I'll only be doing freebies for a short while, since I do need to make some money from art since working full time isn't enough. XD

Thank you all!

Thank you!

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    Thank you! :3

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    Hello! Thanks for following me. I generally only accept friends requests from people I am friends with/have talked to a fair amount ^^;