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Welcome to my page!

I'm Rhianna, the captain of this page, I'm new to this site, but I was apart of deviantART. I left due to complications in life concerning said site, but it's all become better now that I've left it. Keep on reading for information on me, and what I do!

Here's some more about...

Rhianna: Look at the bottom of this informational bit if you want to get the basics of me

Hey guys, I'm Rhianna! I'm a head 420 Rasta flavored Popsicle here. I'm 17, and created this account because I wanted to start fresh on another year in life, so why not start here? I may not be as good as all you other people here, but I want to try to build up to it, and maybe start doing things more professionally on my spare time, like actual money commissions! I'd like to get to know you guys, so please don't get angry or scared if I come off rude or something, I don't mean to, and I never try to.

I like weird and really common things like Pokemon, Xbox, shooting games like Destiny and Titanfall, I love going to football games and spending time with my family and fiance, but I can't be around them too much or I go crazy; Fun fact. I'm new to the whole drawing thing kind of. I stopped drawing and came back, so I've been drawing for about 4 years, but I always stopped drawing, and came back to it eventually, but this time I've come back to keep drawing. I've gotten a whole new style and I'm ready to share it with everyone! This time I'm making a promise to myself to take this seriously for once, maybe if I try I can get better, right?

Now we all have our bad days, and we all have our good days, and for me art is like that. 90% of the time I won't want to draw, but the 10% I do, normally they look decent. They are creative to me, and I don't want any hate around here about it. I hope to have a posting scheduled for my art, in case I ever get big, people will know what I do, and when it will be uploaded!

Now for our outro, the simple things.
I'm 17, I like Pokemon, Xbox, other things. I can't stand the brony community (because they're actually really rude), and the FNAF fandom are OK, but I don't participate in it or the games because it's just a money grubbing scam from some guy who only got famous because of Markiplier. I like cool unique songs like Sandblast and Looking Like This. I am a furry, and my fursona is Wolfie, and she's partners with Dai. That just about concludes everything you should need to know! Thanks everyone!


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This is dumb but...

I've moved because I'm dumb.
I already need a fresh start.
I made PuffPuffWuff
This is also because I found anew art program

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