Request: Tiu Minimal Headshot by PuffPuffWolf (critique requested)

Request: Tiu Minimal Headshot (critique requested)


11 September 2015 at 14:34:39 MDT

No, you may not use this...
Unless you are: TeaCup

Wow, for whatever reason, I just couldn't make a lineart for Tiu, so I just winged it (I guess you can say). I think it's really cute the concept of the character, but for me the placement of certain things cant work with my style properly?? WHY???!?!?

Thanks for viewing!
I'm open for requests of these headshots~

Tiu: TeaCup
Artwork: PuffPuffWolf
Created With: Macromedia Flash

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    omg this is so cool, thank you!! :D I really like the style! ^^ Great job!

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      it took a few tries to get it right so I switched to minimal and I really love it too. I really loved the design and I hope when I can do it again that k can include all 6 legs!

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        I think it was worth all the effort you put into it! :D Oh wow well if you really wanna draw them again, then by all means! ^^ I look forward to seeing it!

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          I had a plan on thanking everyone who let me use their characters with a big drawing. Just as a thanks. C:

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            Aw that's nice! :D

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              I've slowly been working my way down the body
              But I'm stumped on paws and eyes. I don't like super cartoony, but I don't like super realistic on it and it's proving difficult e.e
              Eyes are just going to be varried I guess, but do you know anything to help with paws?