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I'm Rhianna, the 420 Rasta flavoured Popsicle. I'm 17, but I act a lot more mature. I may seem rude, mean, or just cold-hearted, but I never mean to be. I could be having a really bad day, or just generally peeved.

I like a lot of things, though I never really draw them. I am a life-time fan of Pokemon, which still continues to this day. I also really enjoy playing Xbox One, so if you have one and want to play with me, than just shoot me a message with your gamertag! I may not be the best, but I can play pretty well. I currently play games that are: Shooter, Racing, Indie, and just general gaming. If you want to know the games I actually play, just ask.

I've been drawing for about 5 years now, though I stopped for more than half of it. I was always teased about it and such that I just gave up, quit just like that. Drawing became such a hassle, for me, that I just gave up and never looked back. I got back into it a few months ago, and quit DeviantART. I threw out every last drawing I ever did, deleted my account, and then just came here. I came here to get a fresh start and I have.


Chicken Smoothie
PuffPuffWuff (WuffsStream)

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24 Hour Adopts (Offer Points, Art, C$, Pets)

on 27 April 2016 at 12:59:14 MDT

It's only going to be running for 24 Hours so place your Offers in the file (preffered) but you can also put your offers here!
I will be picking the best offers from
Devinatart, Weasyl, and Chicken Smoothie, so you have some competition, if anyone is interested c:

Everything you need to know is in the files but I'll also give you the basics here

I accept Points, Art, C$, and Pets.
There are gifts for you IF you reach a certain amount of points/C$/whatever which includes: A Bonus Headshot (coloured Lines and Shading) OR a Fullbody (Flat), The next tier is Receiving a brand new, more detailed, reference , and the last tier is recieving all three of the bonuses!!

Thank you~

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    You have really cute art

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    Ahaha, I think the last comments were deleted on here, but I'm glad to be friends with you on here, and your art is super colorful and cool. :P <3
    Those popular artists that let it get to their heads...I really wish they would just look at things from someone elses shoes sometimes, that's all. Hahaha ^^

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      It still says they're there, but it's okay.
      Exactly, they need a real big 'ol kick in the bum xD
      But yeah, some of the older and popular artists need to look back too sometimes.

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        ahaha! After I posted this convo, it reappeared for me! Woah! xDDD

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          Aha xD Well I typed a pretty big message xD I would have been worried if it didn't show up eventually.