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Aborted art challenge and end of year uploads

on 24 December 2014 at 10:11:09 MST

You know, looking through my folder of sketches I haven't been quite so unproductive as I had thought and my gallery suggests. I abandoned the weekly upload system a while back as it became a bit much for me to juggle with other things, and the art challenge I started... well after looking a bit further into it there weren't very many interesting prompts past the first week or two (plus holidays came up). Despite these setbacks I haven't given up entirely, and after a recent count I realized I have over 100 pieces of art in my backlog from this year alone. Most of them wont be uploaded for various reasons; things such as practice pieces, rough/simple sketches, or otherwise artwork I don't feel like displaying publicly in my gallery.

That being said I have narrowed down a few sketches that I'd like to finish up and post before the year's end. Part of this is self motivation but honestly a pretty huge amount of it is OCD tendencies. I've changed up how I organize my folder and it seems like it'd be a little cleaner if I clear out the base directory where I keep my works in progress.

Really what I should do is start using my sketches folder more often. What usually blocks me from wanting to upload is the process of having to come up with titles for pictures and descriptions when there isn't any story behind it in the first place. I'm sure that's something that gets better over time though ^_^

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