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pacific nw/married/kitties/hiding

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Sandcat fursuit up for adoption

Jill of is kindly helping me sell my other suit, my Sandcat. I LOVE this suit SO MUCH but I've barely worn it and it deserves to be shown off and worn.

If you'd like to give him a new home, Jill is taking offers here:

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    Wonderful artwork you did for Thatch and Dial. Just wish I could afford that for The Beach Bears.

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    All of your pics look so cute and wonderful! ;)

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    Totally just found out you moved here. Totally following Harder than Hard.

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    Seems i cant reply to your pm. How odd.
    I understand bout my question. Thanks for replying Dingy.

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      oh I'm sorry, forgot about your upcoming reply, and I turned off pms x.x I'm going into hiding for a while again. thank you for understanding!!

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        ahh gotcha. I would like a way to talk to you more. I just like ya and wanna talk more then
        once in a blue moon.

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          I appreciate it, I think you're nice and cool! I'm not very easy to get ahold of tho, I shy away from email, IMs, and in general other than for work I try not to be online too much.. but I'm active on twitter. :>

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            hmm. guess i should find yer twitter then. i think you cool too. I wanted to hang with you more.
            Honestly i could see us hanging out n doing stuff.