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Hey all. I really have no idea what to write here, so here's some quick place holder info about me.

* I'm a furry. My fursona is Med-Night, a shiba inu/wolf mix. She's adorable. I also have an alt-sona of a blue mutt puppers who is also adorable.

* I'm mated. Me and my husband, Norvilion, have been married since 6/7/08. <3

* My fursona is mated to my husband's fursona, Kinaru, a fox/wolf/(squirrel) mix.

* I am poly, and have a boyfriend who is not on here since 7/17/15.
* I started out as a traditional visual artist, but I have been working on learning digital and other skills.

* I live in Nashville, TN

* I'm currently working as a registered nurse. This steals all my free time, so artwork is pretty slow at the moment. >_<;

* The mate and I do a lot of collabs and gift art for each other, so please give my collections a peek too. ^_^
* Main Characters -NightWolf's Zoo on Trello
* Please read my TOS and check out my commission and trade status and info if interested in getting art from me.
* All the places you can find me at: LinkTree


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PCD is Annoying

Hi all~

MFM was a blast, though a bit more hectic than I was thinking it'd be. I probably pushed myself more than I meant to helping out in various departments. I didn't get to hang out with people and just chill nearly as much as I wanted to. But I did have a lot of fun! It was great seeing friends again. Find a few new treasures such as an adorable witchy crow BJD that Doc Bolt made that's just perfect for a witchy character I was trying to make anyways. (Plus, I just love his dolls! I've got 3 now, including one customed designed to look like Tel.) Had lots of fun, even got to dance for a bit one night. Got closer to some old friends. And won an Amazon Echo Dot from a raffle too!

Next year I'll probably try to pace myself more though. We may also try to set up a quarantine period afterwards. Going back to work early Tuesday after the con was not fun. Just worn out. Tested Monday evening and then this morning (Sunday) and still in the clear. Out of the 5 of us in my little family, despite us all going off for adventures (Norv and I to MFM, BF and metamour to DragonCon, other friend to a camping event), only one of us turned up positive. Sad face, but better than it could have been.

So now trying to settle back into normal. Though that normal will be ... interesting. New boosters rolling out at work on Monday and the flu shots just got rolled out last week. So more hours at work and some early ones at that! Gonna try to readjust my sleep schedule for it. Wish me luck surviving the next few months! XD

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