Hey all. I really have no idea what to write here, so here's some quick place holder info about me.

* I'm a furry. My fursona is Med-Night, a shiba inu/wolf mix. She's adorable.

* I'm mated. Me and my husband, Norvilion, have been married since 6/7/08. <3

* My fursona is mated to my husband's fursona, Kinaru, a fox/wolf/(squirrel) mix.

* I started out as a traditional visual artist, but I have been working on learning digital and other skills.

* I live in Nashville, TN

* I'm currently working as a registered nurse. This steals all my free time, so artwork is pretty slow at the moment. >_<;

* The mate and I do a lot of collabs and gift art for each other, so please give my collections a peek too. ^_^
* Main Characters -


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Oh Wow! It's Been a While

on 9 September 2017 at 21:21:13 MDT

Hi there! Sorry I've kinda neglected this a bit... a lot. -_- I won't promise to do better but I can at least promise to try! Or at least promise to try to try to do better. XD

So what I have been up to? Well, artwise not a huge amount to be honest. I'm slowly making progress on an art doll from last year. I know I have at least one picture to upload here at some point. But I haven't been doing as much as I use to to be honest.

Otherwise, I've been doing Scion once a week. Always a blast with that. Work is same old, same old. The main thing is that my area recently started up a Little Scouts troop (imagine a girls/boys scouts for ageplayers, basically). I've been doing a lot with that so it's been keeping me busy. But it's a good, happy kind of busy. ^_^

Lets see. I was at MFM earlier this month. I didn't fursuit but I still had a lot of fun! It's a nice laid back con. :) And I also had a birthday. It was also pretty chill, lol. In general I've become more laid back with time. Though I'm still a fiery lil' scrapper when I need to be, lol.

What about you all, anyone who is reading this? How have you been? :)

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