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Hey all. I really have no idea what to write here, so here's some quick place holder info about me.

* I'm a furry. My fursona is Med-Night, a shiba inu/wolf mix. She's adorable. I also have an alt-sona of a blue mutt puppers who is also adorable.

* I'm mated. Me and my husband, Norvilion, have been married since 6/7/08. <3

* My fursona is mated to my husband's fursona, Kinaru, a fox/wolf/(squirrel) mix.

* I am poly, and have a boyfriend who is not on here since 7/17/15.
* I started out as a traditional visual artist, but I have been working on learning digital and other skills.

* I live in Nashville, TN

* I'm currently working as a registered nurse. This steals all my free time, so artwork is pretty slow at the moment. >_<;

* The mate and I do a lot of collabs and gift art for each other, so please give my collections a peek too. ^_^
* Main Characters -NightWolf's Zoo on Trello
* Please read my TOS and check out my commission and trade status and info if interested in getting art from me.
* All the places you can find me at: LinkTree


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Work's Been BUSY!!!

Hi all! I hope you're doing well.

I realized I've been a bit quiet over here. There's a good reason for it. At about September, my work jumped from part-time and mostly remote work to suddenly full-time and mostly on campus work. I've made some adjustments to my availability to not be dead (mainly taking one weekday off due and one day only remotely), but it's still been busy. It's not entirely work's fault, we didn't expect covid boosters to be released as early as they were. And now we're dealing with a rough flu season causing flu shots to be busy as well. 6_9

Thank goodness that my crew is patient with me! I've been trying to learn more about what my needs and boundaries are and how to appropriately express them. I'm ... not always good at it, lol. But I'm doing better and they're super supportive of me.

I'm still trying to do twice-a-week uploads until I catch up with art stuff. I still have a few sketches I want to finish up. Some on that queue may be dropped though. (I also plan on doing an alt version of one I finished because I can't decide which idea I like better, lol.) The main thing is that work has me exhausted so I haven't really been doing a ton of artwork lately. Mostly been doing reading if anything, but honestly I've just been doing phone games as a form of escapism. That has me a little bummed. I'm trying to get back into it, though, because I really do enjoy doing artwork. We'll see how it goes.

I'm hoping that things will settle down soon. I mean, I've been enjoying the larger paychecks. But I'd rather not feel dead 75% of the time, lol. I want to work on art stuff more. I've got adopts I wanna do, comic ideas I keep playing around with, even a few art doll ideas that make me want to get back into that. We'll have to see.

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