Hey all. I really have no idea what to write here, so here's some quick place holder info about me.

* I'm a furry. My fursona is Med-Night, a shiba inu/wolf mix. She's adorable. I also have an alt-sona of a blue mutt puppers who is also adorable.

* I'm mated. Me and my husband, Norvilion, have been married since 6/7/08. <3

* My fursona is mated to my husband's fursona, Kinaru, a fox/wolf/(squirrel) mix.

* I am poly, and have a boyfriend who is not on here since 7/17/15.
* I started out as a traditional visual artist, but I have been working on learning digital and other skills.

* I live in Nashville, TN

* I'm currently working as a registered nurse. This steals all my free time, so artwork is pretty slow at the moment. >_<;

* The mate and I do a lot of collabs and gift art for each other, so please give my collections a peek too. ^_^
* Main Characters -NightWolf's Zoo on Trello


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Tornado and Covid - Oh My! D:

on 17 March 2020 at 22:59:36 MDT

Hi all. Basically just a bit of a life updates journal since it's been a bit.

So we're only partway through March and it's already been a bit of a crazy one for us in the middle TN area. A couple of weeks ago we had a nasty tornado sweep through. It was scary and not fun. D: Luckily it passed just west and then north of where I live so we didn't have any damage or power failures from it. A few places around town that I love or have wanted to check out got hit pretty hard. Some are fixed and now reopened and some are not; either in the process of being repaired still or gone for good. Even if I wasn't terribly directly effected, it was strange to see the damage to say the least.

Then, of course, there's the Corona virus going around. Ironically, it's right when I decided to try and reach out to friends more. Guess that's gonna have to wait a bit, lol~

In all seriousness, I'm not panicking but I'm definitely a bit concerned about the virus. The mate is working from home. But me and a metamour are still working and we both deal with groups of people you'd consider at risk. Luckily we're overall healthy so if we got it, we'd probably be okay. But it's kinda scary all the same, you know. Though technically, I'm not sure how much I'll be working through this.

See, my position is PRN or as needed. If the census goes down, my shifts can be cancelled so there's a chance I may not go because they may be pickier about who gets admitted to try to have as few of people on any given unit as possible. On the other hand, as staff gets sick I may be needed to help out with that. So it's really a coin toss to see how things are going to go.

I'm bummed out, though, that a few cons and gatherings and such are being cancelled. We even talked about if our Sunday hangouts with the polycule needed to be on hiatus (though we'd all catch it if one does anyways, so we decided against that). My work place sent out a "mental health considerations" document in regards to covid. But it'll be a rough couple of months I bet.

So yeah, that's where things are. Though there's two things left I want to stick in this journal.

One, I'm disappointed by the lack of covid-corvid artwork puns. Where's my corvid plague doctors and post-apocalypse art at?! And seriously debating about for real making my plague nurse a reality (see here: )

Two, on a completely different and random note, anyone wanna do an art trade or something? Or commissions? I dunno. I want to draw other people's stuff and ideas for a bit. Like some badges or something.

Sooooo, yeah. How do you end journals? XD

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