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Art Fight - Memories Linger by NightWolf714

Art Fight - Memories Linger


It's impossible to hide from the memories. A scent, a shadow, small things can pull you back to it when you least expect it. Yet still we move on with our memories lingering being us.

Triggerbolt's Snowpetal is simply a beautiful and tragic character. I instantly felt for her when I saw her. She's not only beautiful despite her scarring, but still caring as a medicine cat. I guess that's why I got inspired with the writing too.

While a simple pose (and I worry the head is a little small), I really liked this one. I love how soft her color gradients and shading turned out. It was also fun trying to draw a slick but still very fluffy cat and strike that balance. Plus the little leave accents were fun to stick on her.

While I have a couple of tragic characters, including one who was blinded after an accident, I don't think I've really drawn such a scared and damaged character before. It's far from guro, which is great because that is definitely not my thing, it was interesting to draw something outside of my norm. I guess twice, since the first art fight picture of this year also had a pretty wicked scar. Maybe I'll make a character is a scar too. Who knows.

This was the last official art fight picture. I've got a bonus round coming too though. ^_~

Snowpetal belongs to Triggerbolt. Art by me.

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