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COMMISSIONS OPEN! July only. Get 'em before I close for years again.

on 3 July 2017 at 11:05:54 MDT

I'm offering digital drawings in full color. No sketches, no sequential comics, no price haggling! I can only accept Paypal, and in US dollars. It's been a few years, so, you might already have something in mind?

Each character in my THICK OUTLINE style is 25$. Each character in my LINELESS style is 35$. There's no cap on the total number of characters you could involve in one image, and no extra charge or interacting poses!

A single color or completely abstract background is free! A non-abstract background (or foreground) is 40$. The scenery will always be drawn in my LINELESS style. small props are free! Speech or thought bubbles are also free, just specify their contents!

I can apply a simple mouse-over-reveal effect in Flash for FREE, but bear in mind that each characters revealed by mouse-over would still have to be paid for.

7$ cheaper if you're currency converting from the United Kingdom, because I've noticed your post-Brexit economy has dried you up as Commission clients!
9$ cheaper if it involves body swap or possession (two character scene minimum).
5$ cheaper if we've already got a venue of real time contact going on, like Telegram or Discord. I'm aware that this discount is pure nepotism!
These discounts do not stack, so we'll just apply the biggest one applicable.

A) Send me a NOTE with your idea, not just a comment! Please be as detailed as it takes to convey everything you'd expect from a satisfactory version of the final drawing. If you're confused about pricing, please ask.
B) Wait around for my questions, or my yes or no response. I'm trying to keep this all within July, so the notes should be pretty timely on my end. I'll tell you the price in any affirmative responses I send just to eliminate any doubt.
C) If we're both in agreement, please send me a confirmation note! DO NOT PAY YET.
D) Just wait around for the drawing to get drawn. I'm going to stream my work on Picarto, but I'm on my own sporadic July schedule, so I can't guarantee that you'll be around to watch it drawn live.
E) You'll receive my finished drawing in a note. Let me know about any revisions you'd like, and I'll try and accommodate them all! You'll only be expected to send payment AFTER I finish. If I don't do the drawing by August (or if I refuse the revisions), you won't have to pay.
You're on the honor system here, but until and unless you pay, you won't have permission to redistribute the image, or even any works in progress.

Subjectively speaking, I'm not getting very lewd with any of these, and I won't draw my own characters behaving too creepily. I won't agree to anything I find offensive, distasteful, or humiliating. I'm definitely cool with fetishes, but I might display some favoritism or personal discretion regarding them.
Also BEAR IN MIND that I'm only looking to raise a couple hundred $$$ this month, so depending on the size/number of early responses, I'm eventually gonna stop approving anybody! In the event of a bottleneck, I'm likely to prioritize large, appealing scenes over cheap awkward ones. I apologize in advance for any hurt feelings!

And I'm closed again, probably forever! And by forever, I mean until the next financial problem. Thanks for mostly not stiffing me!

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