Does anyone still use Winamp? by NESS Here's an old Winamp classic skin I made in 2004ish. The EQ sliders are stretchy Nesses. It's drawn in MS paint and makes me kinda nostalgic for the late 90s. Tell me what you think, if you use it.

Does anyone still use Winamp?


16 June 2014 at 05:36:58 MDT

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    On a mac, but noted for later use.

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    It really whips the llama's ass.

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    ...I still use winamp. It's the only thing that works intuitively for me.

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      I've been using it since the 90s 'cause I really like queuing up the next song with just the J key instead of making a damned playlist.

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    Winamp is my preferred audio player.

    The EQ Nesses made me smile. The only thing I don't like is the custom mouse cursor, but that's just because I dislike all custom cursors in everything ever.

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      Haha, yeeah that's the same custom cursor I've got for "Little caucasian or gloved hand clicking a link" in like, Windows itself. Think you can turn 'em off.

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    I found the a winamp archive site. It's cool you made this. ^^
    Sadly I don't listen to much music. But I love the tools out there for listening to music. x3