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Pride Month 2023 by Leonidas Draconic

Pride Month 2023

Leonidas Draconic

Close friends gather for a moment of celebration, a yearly reminder of what makes their existence so important. The happy din in the background swells to a crescendo with happy cheers, conversation, and laughs. The city lights in the distance dancing amongst the fog of uncertainty, whilst the beach is aglow with fireworks and neon lights. It's a moment of happiness, a moment of sunshine amongst an otherwise cloudy and dark ephemerality.

I've been working on this painting since June of 2021, and after two years it makes me so incredibly happy to finally sign it and set my stylus down. Despite it being an hour and some change late, it matters not, because pride is everlasting.
Happy Pride Month to everyone who's here, everyone who isn't, everyone who is yet to be, and everyone yet to find their inner glow in a world of darkness.

Here's to a wonderful month of holding on to that inner strength, and here's to a wonderful year going forward, and many more to come.

Happy Pride Month
Love, Leo <3

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