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Heya peeps!
I'm pretty much here to chat with peeps, and post my crafts (Not on this account though, on quack-a-roo)

I'm not exactly a furry, but I do like the art and parts of the community. :D

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Looking For a Commission

Heya folks! I'm looking to purchase a commission of me and my bf's Splatoon OCs, and was wondering if anyone could help me with that? :)

I'm looking for either a cartoony or anime style done digitally and since this is a gift, I can be flexible with the pricing. We're in a LDR and every time we get together, I make a CD with cool music and I get a picture commissioned to use as the cover and the CD face. I would like to have it done by January 24th so that I can have enough time to get it printed. :D

If you are intrested, please post here or message me. Hope to hear from you! :D

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    Thanks for the fave, I'm glad you like it :)

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    Nice profile!

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      Aww, thank you! ^_^

      I like how here the profile is off to the side, I think it makes people more likely to read it, it rather on FA, where most people just scroll down without taking a second look. x(

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    Thank you for following me, I really appreciate it!

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    Thanks for the watch! :D