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I have never had formal art classes or training other than taking art class in high school which was eons ago. As a child and a teen I was immersed in art but when I became a young adult I stopped sketching and painting. I think this was due to lack of confidence and the fact that my generation was not encouraged in their artistic endeavors. We were taught to find a "real job" whether we liked it or not. This was my undoing in being my true self.

It was at the age of 49 that I took up my art again. After the loss of my oldest son I needed something to get me through. Art saved my life.

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Been Too Busy To Work On My Art

on 28 January 2019 at 16:20:32 MST

The past week or so has been crazy busy. My son was offered a job in Denver and he and my daughter-in-law moved there last week. They asked me to move there also and I have decided to do so because there is nothing for me in Ohio. I have lived here all my life but there is no longer a reason to stay and I have always wanted to be out west. I have begun selling some of my furniture and household items and a little packing. I am also looking for an affordable place to live. All of this busyness has caused my remission to end and I am now ill again. I did, however, paint a greeting card today which is something I was too busy to do for the past week. Going too long without painting can make me insane.

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    Thank you so much for the watch! Your work is wonderful, I especially enjoy the greeting cards!

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      You're welcome and thank you!

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    Thank you for the fav ^^

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    greetings and thanks for the favs :)

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    Thank you for the follow and the fave. ^_^

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    ty for the follow and the favs ^_^