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Tiger Flower by ElementalSpirits

Tiger Flower


Hey look new art!
I finally finished this after a month of it being 99% finished. It's going to be a new charm so I needed to get it done. (There was going to be a set but I only got two done so maybe another time)

Art is going to be pretty sparse while I care for my mum. I'm not sure how well I'll keep here updated but new art will definitely be posted to my patreon.

I've changed it to just taking tips for now so all art or most will probably be public until things change. (Pateons will still see art first, but it will become public after a couple of days.) I'm not trying to get more patreons or something, just wanted to let people know were they can see my art/find out what's happening if I don't update here.

Photoshop CS6
Art © Me, ElementalSpirits
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    I am so totally in love with this one. It must have taken forever. The detail and life-like feel to it, but it's also kind of like something out of a fantasy, just <3 <3 <3
    (Best of luck with your mom. Whatever the situation I hope it starts getting better, for both of you. Family's gotta come first.)

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      Thank you! Yes the sketch/line art took forever. I almost wanted to give up, but it was worth it in the end.
      And thank you. I keep hoping so too, but I can be there for her at least.

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    oh the fur!!!! this is absolutely gorgeous! the detail is absolutely amazing, what a lovely piece!
    also i hope things work out well with your mom - that comes above art!! she's more important <3

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      Thank you! It's probably a bit too detailed for what I planned, but maybe I can use it for other things as well. xD (I keep think maybe a T-shirt design)
      And thank you, I hope so.