Been Too Busy To Work On My Art by Mschill3

The past week or so has been crazy busy. My son was offered a job in Denver and he and my daughter-in-law moved there last week. They asked me to move there also and I have decided to do so because there is nothing for me in Ohio. I have lived here all my life but there is no longer a reason to stay and I have always wanted to be out west. I have begun selling some of my furniture and household items and a little packing. I am also looking for an affordable place to live. All of this busyness has caused my remission to end and I am now ill again. I did, however, paint a greeting card today which is something I was too busy to do for the past week. Going too long without painting can make me insane.

Been Too Busy To Work On My Art


28 January 2019 at 16:20:32 MST

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    I wish you well. Also, ah man you get bleh feeling when you don't art?

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      Thank you! Yes, I do. I find art healing and therapeutic.

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    I feel the same way when I dont paint for a long time painting helps me be calm and such since I have anxiety