The main(e) hub for a fluffy, fairly-furverted cat. A Maine Coon, nice to meet you. Front and center character as of 2017. -Mewey- REFERENCE:

There here as well is a Mew-kitten, sprinkled with a bit of Moogle. Red wings and pom-pom, usually donning some sort of socks or stockings. Prone to submitting to transformations of all sorts like an allergic reaction. Also tends to attract voracious predators. H-hello, k-kupo! -Mewth-

There's also a plump, pink Mew and Goodra hybrid waddling around here. Only if you're into that, though. She's weird. Weird enough to gobble you up, absorb you, or transform you in terrible, squeaky ways. -Mewdra-

I am an amateur art hobbyist -- I start most drawings with paper and pencil, scan the sketches, and polish them into completed works on PaintTool SAI. I use a small Bamboo tablet for all lines, coloring, shading, and tinting. It's all an experimental, on-going process; my style and procedure changes over time, and likely they will be different, again, years down the road.

Content within and "specialty" interests includes transformation and vore of every spectrum... Though every kink is a new possibilty~

I am most active on Twitter and Tumblr. Content usually goes there first:

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Mewscaper 2018 - Fursona in the form of a Maine Coon Cat

on 5 January 2018 at 22:35:11 MST

2018 -- New year, new face of fur.

Mewey Mewscaper - But you can just call me "Mew."

It was a long time coming. The reference only shows basic physical traits, and doesn't really detail things like personality and interests. As of writing, I don't know what sort of art I will feature this character in, the whole spectrum of furry "specialties" in waiting. Anything's a possibility, really~ One thing for certain, I plan on someday getting a fursuit made of this fluffcat.

Characters such as the Kupomew and Mewdra will still be around. They'll never leave for as long as ideas to draw and stories to write exist. I do plan on making references for them as well at some point.

Also, as usual, I post much more frequently on Twitter. Easier to contact friends and get notifications and such. Art is usually posted there first... including a growing number of sketch works~

Anyways. Keep cool, and feel fluffy~


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