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Mewscaper 2018 - Fursona in the form of a Maine Coon Cat

2018 -- New year, new face of fur. Mewey Mewscaper - But you can just call me "Mew." https://twitter.com/Mewscaper/status/949140604713287680 It was a long time coming. The reference only shows basic physical traits, and doesn't really detail things like personality and interests. As of writing, I d…

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Discord or something

I meant to post something about it, but never got around to it. I have a Discord -- Mewscaper#6967 Probably will end up using it about as frequently as all other chat services -- as in, not a whole lot. x3 I'm still more active on Twitter if anything. But... there it is all the same.

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@ Texas Furry Fiesta 2017 this weekend!

There, I will become a MAD SCIENCE. I'll probably be posting pictures (mostly food and fursuits) and stuff on Twitter. https://twitter.com/Mewscaper I'll be traveling up from Houston with the lovely "Lazy" Amp (Lazy_Amp) and will be in the company of various furs including -- Erakir Erakir Lambent…

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Thank You All

For the birthday wishes. I had a fantastic day~ There are too many for whom to give credit, from those across the Internet and those I've met in-person --all of you who have had influence in my life. But I appreciate you all, and give you thanks from the bottom of my heart. You know? Truth be told,…

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On Tumblr: Slowly migrating full art archive there

So yeah, that's a thing, now: http://mewscaper.tumblr.com/ I post art in different websites, and I tend to be particular on where I post which content. There's a lot of stuff that isn't here. Or on Fur Affinity, or on Ink Bunny. For a while I've wanted to compile the stuff I've worked on over the l…

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Hardhat Mew

I recently finished my first week at my new job, and I'm about to enter my second. It was a physically-demanding first week, but getting my first paycheck from my foreman and seeing the difference in pay rate really does brighten the whole thing. A more livable wage~ Overall, I've come to discover…

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Apprenticeship Acquired and the Months Ahead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mewscaper Generally I post stuff on Twitter regarding life updates and such, but I figured I may as well leave an update throughout the other webs. The Mews Since moving to Texas, I've been dabbling in many things, bringing a whole lot of online into real-life -- from c…

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This has been a very good two weeks. Exceptionally good. Bounce on a Nightwalk, "Dreams of Our Generation" kind of good. I went to my second convention, in Dallas; I met and hung out with awesome people, saw and experienced many new things; and, upon return, I succeeded an interview and acquired a…

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Where's Waldo Wabbit? At Texas Furry Fiesta 2014.

Yeah, it's that convention thingy, in Dallas, Texas, this coming weekend! It'll be my second attendance of a convention. I'll be wearing either an unflattering red fleece or a too-small bunny hoodie vaguely reminiscent of Where's Waldo? Or neither of those things, I dunno~ Anyways, we're going to b…

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Metalscaper in Mid-transformaton

Hello, all. Brief update. After a long while of deliberation, a whole lot of decisions, and even more changes, I've at a long last decided what I intend to pursue for a career, at least for a time. I'm currently going to school to work metal. Manipulating melty metal into long beads so to join bigg…

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2013 - 2014: Seen a Lot

I liked 2013. I liked it a lot. A lot had happened, and I had experienced a lot. Good things and bad things alike; and I hold no regrets to what has happened thus far. I couldn't imagine my current circumstances one year ago, and the sort of change I would undergo over the coming year. Took several…