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Stream Batch 35-1 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 35-1


Time for the new Stream Batch! The last one with open topics as I'll be taking a hiatus from these in order to focus on Patreon Rewards and Normal Commissions, you can read more about it here.

Anyway, abouth this batch, funny enough that it ended up being so furry, purely out of coincidence, since the people commissioning furry stuff weren't in cahoots with each other :T

It was quite the long and rough batch too, the first few days I was feeling quite exhausted so I wouldn't advance much with the slots, which resulted in it taking basically the whole week, plus of course the fact I took a total of 26 characters. And me generally not being very used to some of the furry types I was asked to draw.

Final detail which you can obviously see, I'll now be doing the background of the large canvases in gray, since I feel like it's kinda easier on the eye.

1º fudgefiend was the first in this batch, getting a patreon reward pic of Quinn turned into a dryad, or apparently the dryad Lillia getting some of Quinn's features while retaining her memories? Or is it just Quinn as a centaur, or is it a deertaur? Which is it? Which is it?!

2º SomariaMoon got a pic of Proton Jon being turned into a cat, sitting beside his and Lucahjin's actual cat, Bagel, who Jon now looks like a exact copy of, except he still has both eyes and can talk, A TALKING CAT!?!

3º Malkaiwot was next, with a buncha furry stuff :y his characters Mallorie the Raccoon and Natasha the Pangolin standing beside him, now her, a blue raccoon, sort of, shorter and t h i c c e r than the other two characters :> Natasha is right though, she does look adorable.

4º LyhokoLeaci was next with a prequel of sorts to this pic of Leaci, TF+TGing from caucasian male into latina female, kind of a shortstack.

5º - 1, 2º theheroofdarkness commissioned the next pic, as a birthday gift for and starring Viperwing being turned into an octoling, brown skinned and posing kind of like Marina, completely out of nowhere, I honestly have no idea how it happened, my Imp Self and Imp Tia just happened to be floating around innocently :3c

6º Mad-Hatter-Ison quite simply commissioned herself as a lil' rat girl, nervously standing next to a gigantic (comparatively speaking) piece of oreo cheesecake, watch what you eat, lil' Nezumimi :3c

7º Redmond17 and AllenWalker88 commissioned Redmond halfway through transforming into Marin from Link's Awakening after Lucy, and apprentice witch, botched a spell with a magical amiibo, except it wasn't an accident according to her, of course it wasn't!

8º SomariaMoon and Viperwing commissioned themselves as very pregnant and very thicc ladies, having apparently tried both the 1.4 and 1.9 AGWs. Somaria seems to be more adept to Yoga posing though.

9º SomariaMoon got a pic of himself having falling in the Adriana Figueroa's Jusenkyo, turning into her, so now if Adriana needs a double to work for if she doesn't feel like streaming all she needs to do is dump a bucket of cold water on Somaria?

Second Canvas

If you're interested in getting rewards like these, or just want to support my artwork, check my patreon!