Flask of AGW 1.9 by MentalCrash

Flask of AGW 1.9


12 August 2020 at 12:21:39 MDT

Here's the announcement pic for the upcoming AGW Event! Took a week off events this time due to internet problems that forced me to do the entirety of the previous batch offline.

This pic will serve as the explanatory sheet for the Sporty Girlification Event which will take place in the next stream, this weekend unless I have to deal with something unexpected.

This event had been on schedule for a while, so you can several examples commissioned by several people, such as Redmond17, Allenwalker88, CorruptiveJade and Alkonium, though that last one was rather unintended.

Anyway, the example pics specifically made for this event were the following: 1, 2, 3
And here are some more examples: 4, 5


As you can guess this event will be all about Sport Playing girls, which can be anything ranging from ball games (Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, etc.) to olympics (Running, Jumping, Swimming, Lifting, etc.) and fighting (Wrestling, Kung Fu, Boxing, etc.)

So quite simply what you'd have to pick is a sport of your choice for your character, body type is also your choice, though they'd at least need to be somewhat physically fit. The accessories are all suggestions you can pick from, though of course if you want your character to show that they play some sport they'd need either the uniform or item fitting for said sport.

And this of course being Sporty GIRLS means all characters must be female, this also means of course if you have a male character drinking the AGW they'll become female.

Physical Traits such as hairstyle and length, chest size, etc. are all up to you.


The price will be 30 USD per character, meaning a before and after picture would cost 60 USD. Lineart only characters will be 20 USD per character. Adding in too much detail though, with things like too many extra accessories will increase the price.

-School books/backpack if they're still high school/college sports players
-Sports Uniform, things like Varsity Jackets, Kung Fu Gi, etc.
-Ball, Gloves, Bat, Pole, AKA whatever fits to whatever sport.

Small Extra Detail:
The standard colour of the bottle is orange, but it can be altered to fit the sport better, I went with Green for tennis players, Red for wrestlers and I guess blue will be fitting for swimmers, but in the end whatever colour you like best can be used.

The resulting canvases of this event:
Sporty Girlification 1
Sporty Girlification 2