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Smol hiatus, future price increase and more.

A small note to start with, I post everything I do in multiple websites, so you may have missed some of my content, you can see the links for the websites where I post things here.

As the title says, I have a handful of things going on atm, first of them is, as I've been mentioning quite a lot in my discord, I'll be undergoing a medical procedure in a bit over a week, so I won't be taking commissions this weekend and I'll need some time to recover, how much though I can't tell for sure, the next batch will be the Christmas one, though whether it happens in early or mid december I can't tell for sure. I'll update the Christmas event pic and let you know when the time approaches though.

For the price increase, I was initially expecting to increase prices in the middle of next year, but this last batch I ended up filling slots in the same minute I opened them and a ton of people were left out, I'll still give some room before increasing prices though so there'll be two more Stream Batches before I do, the upcoming Christmas Batch, then a final FFA at the current price of 50 USD per character, after which the price per character will increase to 65. This will likely be at the end of the year, but for this price increase I'll also be doing a couple different things:

-Currently Ongoing sequences that get steps commissioned after the price increase will be priced at 50 until they're completed. This only applies to currently ongoing ones, so ones started in the upcoming two batches won't count.
-If you commission a multi step sequence, the starting panel will be priced at 65, but every subsequent panel will be priced at 60.

I'll make an updated version of my commission guide as the date approaches.

Another couple points I'll applying right away will be:
-About multiple characters in one commission, if you commission too many in one go, like 4 or more, you'll be limited to commissioning 1 or 2 characters in the next batch.
-Since the standard amount I consider "slots filled" is 30 characters, half of the slots will be assigned for single character pics while the rest will focus on multiple character pics, and newcomers will have some priority since they're usually left out of batches.

A final point I wanted to bring up is a hiatus I'll also have coming up in early 2024, I'll travel abroad by the end of february and spend the entirety of march away as well as a chunk of april, I may work on random stuff here and there since I'll have my laptop and smaller tablet with me but won't be doing streams for around 6 weeks. I'll let you know more as the date approaches.

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