Chubby Little Imp by MentalCrash

Chubby Little Imp


5 June 2019 at 14:23:44 MDT

Why indeed?

Well, you could say TurboSalt is partially to blame, because of this thing he gifted me:

But damn, Carola is a mean bitch, she could have broken my neck with the Twili crown :C

And now I'm a tiny, floating little chubby imp, at least I can use my hair as a powerful third arm? Fuck, those patterns on the crown and the neon bits on my skin surely took a while .3.

Anyway, this here is meant as a new category of things I'll be willing to draw, impification, or similar things to it, as usual though I gotta be the guinea pig (or is it guine imp?) for these sort of things~