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La Clase de La Profe Leaci by MentalCrash

La Clase de La Profe Leaci


17 September 2020 at 19:27:38 MDT

The fourth pic from the latest sketch stream event, Kinderification!

LyhokoLeaci and TheRoseQueenAlexis commissioned kind of two separate things, first off Leaci turned into a caretaker, a shortstack latina caretaker, you do want your kids to pick up a foreign language early enough after all, don't you? Beside is Rose, just scribbling something in her favourite colour, and beside them... Is me? In two forms? Looking at each other? What is this? What does it mean? What does it do? Why oh why? o: It seems like Hina Hana, the version of myself regressed by Yuno, has met with a version regressed by TheRoseQueenAlexis, the names on the hats indicating this version is called Violet... Mmm... I do like the name I gotta say >3> I just hope this doesn't cause some sort of time-space paradox.

EDIT: Kind of a prequel showing Leaci when she first transformed
Version with Leaci and Rose only
Version with Violet and Hina only
Version with Violet and Hina only -Textless-

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