Hello, traveler, and welcome to Megan's Super Cool Profile of Awesome and...

Yeah, it's not, is it?

Okay, you got me. I'm just another dreamer with a keyboard and too much imagination for my own good. I like to tout myself as a writer, but I'm painfully slow at getting anything done. So I mostly buy art of my enormous collection of characters and try to find some way to make them stand out just a little from the crowd. I don't think I've had too much luck with that, but I'm rather proud of them.

I am something of an amateur historian with a keen interest in ancient history and aviation from the beginning of the 20th Century through the modern space program. Other interests include fantasy novels, the Child Ballads, the RMS Titanic, and King Henry II of England and his family.

My personal avatar character is a chocolate-and-cream colored rabbit named Megan. Big surprise there. She's partly who I am, but mostly who I wish I could be and she seems to become more and more her own person with every year. My other major character is a swift fox/red fox mix named Ciara (that's "keer-ah"), who was the first furry character I ever created and who is the principal protagonist of most of my novels. She is my most beloved character and in a way it's thanks to her, and wanting to find an appropriate audience for her stories, that I'm here today.

I am in a monogamous relationship with my loving, and lovely, boyfriend eliki He's a fantastic artist, writer and musician and you really should check his gallery out!

I have far too many friends to list you all here, but you know I love all of you. Even if I do tease sometimes.

Because some of the people who watch my account are underage, or have adult content filtered out, I would appreciate it if comments on G-rated images and stories remained fairly tame. Also, a fair number of the pictures I commission contain characters which belong to other people, and I would appreciate it if comments on those images remained respectful. Thank you.

Contacting me:
I do not currently have Skype, or a computer than can handle it. I don't have IM programs and I greatly dislike them. I may most easily be reached via private message here or through shouts or regular comments. I prefer to reserve my e-mail account for business or for people I am friends with. I know this is inconvenient and I apologize, but I'm afraid I'm rather low-tech. Also, I live in the United States in the Eastern time zone, so replies may sometimes be somewhat delayed depending where you are.

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on 20 August 2016 at 17:10:18 MDT

I've been itching to give Megan a margay form lately. Because margays are adorable, and I just don't see enough of them around the place!

Margays and lynxes are my favorite feline species, and I don't have enough of either of them, either. Especially lynxes, considering they're supposed to make up an entire third of the population of the island where most of my stories are set!

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    Love you

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      Aw, I love you, too, my dear, wonderful friend!

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    Oh hey there! Thanks for the +Watch on mah scribbles there ^_^ I appreciate it much! Cheers!

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    Thanks for the watch and the faves!! <3

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    Thanks for the favs and the watch! :D

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    Why did I not know you were over here? LOL

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      Why did I not see this 'til now?! Sorry!

      Up until pretty recently I haven't been terribly active here. I just kinda post stuff. But I'm trying to do more to actually interact with people here as well!

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        Hey, it's all good. :)

        I'm happy to see you anywhere! ;)