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ICBM co-ordinates: 40S 175E
Security Risk Profile: 'Mostly Harmless'
Alert Status: Taupe.
Artistic tools: Pencil, brush-pen, technical pen.
Digital Art Applications: Krita, GIMP
All powered by 64-bit Linux Mint

Tēnā koutou!
I'm an artist and occasional writer from the unfashionable end of the South Pacific, who has been involved with furry art and the fandom since the mid-nineties. I tend to draw mostly furry female pin-up type art, and am co-creator of 'Super Collie' (with John Plunkett).


Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

Notes from a future Federation penal colony...

... according to the writers of "Star Trek: Voyager", that is. New Zealand is the location of the penal colony that Tom Paris is recruited from by Captain Janeway in the pilot episode "Caretaker", presumably because there was an Australian writer on staff who was sick of all the Aussie 'penal colony' jokes and decided to share the love to his Kiwi neighbours!

So anyway... 

Another revolution
Turned fifty-mumble last month, another year clocked up... yep, this ol' greymuzzle is definitely getting closer to retirement. And it's the first time in many years I didn't mark the event with a journal post celebration, I guess I must be slipping! Something to do with... with... with... ah, age I guess :-)

Family matters
We're still dealing with the winding up of my later father-in-law's estate, with probate expected to come through sometime in the next few weeks. Mrs Mayfurr and I will be going down to Christchurch around the end of the month to recover various sentimental items and scatter his ashes. It'll also be a good opportunity for an extended holiday ("vacation" for those in NA) from work as I haven't had one for over a year, particularly as I wanted to save up leave to have a decent break over Christmas / New Year. Hopefully this road trip won't result in some kind of calamity - it shouldn't, as it's in November and not August!

Oh yeah, and I'll be celebrating my 31st wedding anniversary with Mrs Mayfurr this year too.

Art stuffs
As you may have noticed, art has taken a back seat this year, with the only significant art to date being a commission piece for kits5786. Mainly because I figured that instead of trying to force inspiration in a futile attempt to produce something, it would be better to let it go for a bit and come back to it later. Of course, it didn't help with Vixen IV's deteriorating condition for digital arting, something which is alleviated now with Eastwind. In fact, I might be able to restart doing streaming session, although I'm aware that all the processor grunt in the world won't fix my fundamental timezone problem of being available to stream when the bulk of my potential audience in NA and EU are either asleep or doing day-time stuff!

The international situation
"Good evening. The international situation... is lousy. Good evening." - Here's Hooey, brought to you by by Wacko Tractors, makers of ball-bearing rat-traps and jet-propelled bagpipes.

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.
- Maori proverb

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B&W line inking, single character, no background
NZ$ 63.00
Digital colouring (flat), single character, basic background
NZ$ 68.00
Digital colouring (full shading and highlights), single character, basic background
NZ$ 78.00
add  Additional character (each)
NZ$ 40.00
add  Complex background
NZ$ 40.00


Line sketch, single character, no background
NZ$ 53.00
Shaded sketch, single character, no background
NZ$ 58.00
add  Additional character (each)
NZ$ 40.00
add  Complex background
NZ$ 40.00



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