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I'm a writer, doing what I optimistically can to make the world a slightly more interesting place. Most of my work is long form fiction, but I'm trying to branch out into short stories.

My first full work is a novel length story 'The Hunters'. It follows a wolf named Tommy in a post-apocalyptic Vancouver where the human race in on the endangered species list.

Feel free to leave comments or critiques. I'm open to criticism, that's one of the main reasons I post.

I'm currently posting every Sunday.

The Hunters Series:

The Hunters

A post apocalyptic story about a young wolf hunting down the last of the human race

The Explorers

Stuck between the human settlement and the government, Tommy and Co. must discover the source of the near world ending Cataclysm

The Diplomats

Thrust into the world of politics, Tommy must take on the role of Mayor and rebuild V-town while balancing the different factions

The Pathfinders

Recovering from his time as mayor, Tommy discovers that not everyone likes the direction he's been taking the city

The Proginers

It's not over yet. Every story needs a villein, even if he's not quite what he seems

Little Brother to a Lion

A sci-fi story about a human and lion-like alien stranded on a hostile planet

Police Dog Series

Police Dog

An alternate history 1980's Britain where genetic engineering is common place

Police Dog 2: Her Majesty's Finest

On the run, Forty-Two discovers there is far more to his beloved Service than he ever imagined

The Changing Times

A young Edwardian Englishman discovers there's more to life than just true love... and he grows a tail

We Don't Just Fade Away

A minor god living in New York discovers that someone or something is killing off the gods. Only one problem: gods can't die...

Latest Journal

Long Road to Publishing

on 1 May 2016 at 09:38:30 MDT

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been quiet for a bit, and thought I should give you all a heads up. So, I’ve got some good news. I’ve signed on with my publisher and you’ll be seeing FBL in both ebook and print.

I don’t have a release date yet, and it won’t be for a while – these things take time. It’s not as easy as just pressing a ‘submit’ button!

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be taking down some of the later chapters of FBL to encourage purchasing the ebook. I’d love not to have to do it, but I can’t see many people buying when there’s a free version right here. Heheh.

Thanks to you all for reading and supporting me this far.

If you want to take a look, I’m signed on with Jaffa Books.

And if you’re interested in reading something now, I can recommend ‘Learning to Go’ by Friday Donnelly. He’s a friend who tipped me off to Jaffa Books to start with.

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    Hey I just got through reading We Don't Just Fade Away. Awesome Stuff. You said in the end that there was more on the horizon; have you made any concrete plans?

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      Ahh, I'm guessing you read to the end on my other account! You had me confused for a moment.

      First, thanks! Much appreciated. I think WDJFA is one of my least read books due to it's simple cover art and lack of furry. It's great to know you enjoyed it.

      Secondly... I'm sorry to say that the big news I hint at in the Author's Note isn't really relevant any more. The next book I had lined up for posting when it originally went up was Police Dog 2, the squeal to my most popular work.

      I can't recall if you've read Police Dog... if you haven’t, I highly recommend it. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

      And you might want to stick around until mid-November... there's a chance I may have an announcement then.

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        I've read both Police Dog and Police Dog 2... both were really good reads. I'll be waiting to hear from you about your mid-November announcement.

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          Great to hear! Sounds like you've worked your way through most if not all my library!

          We'll see how November goes. My plan 'A' on a project fell through, but my plan 'B' may be to your advantage...

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    Have you thought about having a q&a between your readers and your characters?

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      A month late replying to this, but better than never...

      Hmm... I've never thought of that before. Heheh. If some people are willing to submit questions it might happen.

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    At the end of the hunters series you mention you have tried to publish it? You can always self publish via amazon.. it costs an arm and a leg though.

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      Yep, I did try to get it published before posting it online. sadly, it was a no-go.

      A few folks have suggested publishing on Amazon or Kindle, but I'm not really comfortable with that right now. Putting it online means that anyone who wants it can get it. I have done a few commissions, but that's the closest I've gotten to being published so far.

      Still trying through!