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  • I attend Rocky Mountain Fur Con if you would like to catch me IRL.

  • A cute bunny named Lacus and a black sheep/dog that looks more sheep than dog named Rayzil are my main two fursonas.

  • I am a passionate, intense personality. I am full of creative energies and am working towards a webcomic.

  • I also dabble in writing poetry, short stories, and Traditional art.

  • I am open to communication if you find me an interesting person. You can send me a message to ask about my contact information.

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Tumblr, new stuff, updates.

on 4 February 2015 at 16:50:33 MST

So I have a new personal and art blog on tumblr. So far so good.

Testing the waters with this website because it is the best way to experiment with HTML/CSS in ways to see what I can accomplish. In short, going to be making up some themes as I go along.

I have started reading the Kyle Baker cartooning book again, and its a real inspiration. I think I have some ideas for how the artwork I am producing can evolve.

Anyway I am excited and I have some new tools to test all this out. At least I am being productive with my time haha.

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