Marshmallows - Wire Tree by KiRAWRa

Marshmallows - Wire Tree


2 June 2019 at 02:42:14 MDT

One of the 14 wire trees I made this past Christmas as gifts for my friends and family. I like to try new crafts every year around the holidays, and wire wrapping seemed like something quick to learn with very elegant results!

After settling on 24 gauge wire as the best size for these trees, I went and bought some more exciting colors! I ended up with Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper, and Gunmetal. This was the first gold tree I made. I think the white beads kinda look like marshmallows :D

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    Very cool craft!

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      Thanks very much! ♥

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    I thought they were marshmallows when I first saw this, then had to double make sure when I read the title. They 100% look like marshmallows. Especially since you have some thinner beads that look like squished ones!

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      Hahaha! If I knew what to use for edible wire, I could be making some real crafty treats!