Early Green - Wire Tree by KiRAWRa

Early Green - Wire Tree


1 June 2019 at 02:10:00 MDT

One of the 14 wire trees I made this past Christmas as gifts for my friends and family. I like to try new crafts every year around the holidays, and wire wrapping seemed like something quick to learn with very elegant results!

This was the second tree I made, after taking what I learned from the first one and improving a bit! First of all, 26 gauge wire ended up being too thin and brittle. I also made a tree from 20 gauge wire, which ended up being much too thick and unpliable. I found a happy medium here with 24 gauge on a 2-inch hoop!
I didn't plan on adding beads to these from the start, but after seeing how nice the Yggdrasil looked, I ended up adding a wide array of different beads to these from my bead stash.

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    That's impressive. You did a good job getting a natural form to the roots and branches.

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      Thank you! These wire trees are so great for beginners - since nature is so random and varied in real life, you really can't go wrong!