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halloween desk decorations by keirajo

halloween desk decorations


Well, we've hit a new season and it's time for a new decor for my desk at work--this year for Halloween/fall-ish, I went with my current "papercraft" style of decoration for my desk (rather than drawing anything or simply using store-bought decor). There's a few store-bought mats and spiders, there, but most of the desk is of my own design.

Lots of fun was had. Many co-workers really like the bats and ghosts. I did a Pac-Man themed side panel to my desk--just for funsies--where Pac-Man and the Ghosts are all dressed up as.........things. XD

I think I did the best on the cobblestone path that goes across the top of my desk......I did have to lay laminate sheets over it, because it's a bit 3-D is and "pops-up" from the desk itself. It would never have survived if I didn't laminate it down.

Pac-Man characters belong to Namco/Bandai, just for proper credits. :)

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    Lookin pretty spooky

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      Yay! Thanks so much! :D

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    Best desk at work, I bet xD

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      Of course! XD

      And there’s candy. For bribing purposes! XD

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    that looks so cooool! it's almost like a playset for toys :D also hearing that there's candy too? that's even better! ^-^ also hey we both got the same sylveon keyring/plushie! :D

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      Thanks! :D I had lots of fun! :)

      A friend of mine got me the Sylveon keychain hanger plushie. :)

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        no prob! that does look like fun ^w^ you inspire me to do something like this in my own place X3
        that's nice :3 i got my sylveon at a gaming store ^w^ she's still hanging on my crossbody bag which also has a picture of pikachu and eevee :3
        i also have a jolteon which is hanging on another bag of mine :3 i think plush keyrings, pompoms, and tassels are a nice way to add some colour and fun to your bags and other stuff ^-^

        i also love putting badges on my bags! well, ones i'm able to put on ofcourse, since some bags are waterproof or too thick to stick em on. i can be rather picky when it comes to badges tho, i don't really like small ones cos you can't see them very well, i prefer the nice big ones you get :3 i got a few eeveelutions, a dabbing guinea pig, some foxes, few other pokemons, a hippie peace badge, oh and a furry one too for when i go fursuiting :D

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          Thanks! I think the act of decorating and then seeing it for awhile afterwards just will make you smile and be that much brighter. :)

          Have you ever looked into getting an Ita bag? They have them in purse-sizes, small backpack-sizes and laptop bag-sizes. These are basically bags with a see-through window in them, where you can put badges, stickers and pins--they'll be both displayed and protected. I got a small backpack-sized one, like this:

          Holy cow, that's a long link........... XD I see there are way more colors available now than when I bought mine over a year ago, but the one (which is this brand and type) I got is black and pink. The chains on the display pocket are nice for hanging keychains or charms from. :)

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            yeah, that's true ^-^ i recently revamped my toyhouse profile and i'm alot more satisfied with it now ^w^

            i don't think i have before :o but i have heard of them from Pocari Roo on youtube :3 maybe i'll think about getting one sometime! your's is cute, i do like the pink and black one ^w^ apparently i hear from Pocari Roo that there's now furry themed ita bags! :D for now i've only seen the thumbnail, i'll probably watch it soon

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              My first experience with them--surprisingly--was at TFCon (a Transformers convention) in 2018. It was mostly girls wearing them and most had the backpack-style Ita bags, filled with stickers and pins of their fave characters. Then I went to SakuraCon (anime convention) with a friend in 2019 and saw a lot more, including dealers of them, but most of what I saw there were the messenger/laptop-style bags. I have a co-worker who has the purse-style Ita bag and hers looks like a Frog. :) I couldn't take a big old bag home with me (and it would be awkward to mail home, as I did the stuff I bought) on the airplane, so I looked around on Amazon and found the Steamed Bun ones and got one there after I got home from the convention. They're quite nice, kind of a leathery-like bag, very solid. Mine is all Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (Transformers) themed. XD

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                ohh cool ^-^ i watch alot of furry videos, mainly fursuiter videos because sometimes they have really good tips for fellow fursuiters like me ^w^
                i really hope i can go to a furry convention someday! i been to a very small comic con once, it was meh, not my kind of interest.. but furry cons look wayy more interesting! not only you meet fellow fursuiters but there's toys and parties and dance competitions and even games! :DD i really wanna go ^w^ my nearest by one is Scotiacon which is a scottish furry convention. Pocari Roo did a video about it once! it looks really cool ^-^ though it's still pretty far away for me.. ^w^;
                we also have Confuzzled in the uk which is even more far away and is all the way down in england but it looks even more amazing ^w^ omigosh! they even have swimming pools and everything!

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                  Well, hopefully you get to go to one some time! :)

                  I love all conventions--I've been to comic book ones, anime ones, furry ones and a Transformers one. But then, I have lots of interests in all these fandoms, too. :)

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                    i hope so too! :D
                    i guess a convention is way more enjoyable if it has most of your interests, the one i once been to was all sci-fi and star wars which didn't catch my eye..i did like the pokemon tho :3

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                      I like to call myself a multi-level or multi-cultural nerd. I like a lot of different things in a lot of different fandoms, so I can pretty much enjoy myself at any kind of convention. :)

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                        lucky :o