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True Story


9 March 2016 at 07:24:35 MST

This is an absolutely true story!!!

So, you all know I’ve been enjoying “Disgaea 5” right? But in the times when I can’t play it, but have time when fixing dinner or doing laundry for my mom…I decided to get out my PSP and play my favorite “Disgaea” series game, “Disgaea 2”. I still really like this game…and Adell is still my favorite character of all the series (that I’ve played). But while I played the original PS2 version (Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories) when it came out, I never did play the PSP version (Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days)even though I own it—which has the extra Axel episodes. So…I’m re-playing “Disgaea 2” (albeit super-slowly, since it’s only in 20-30 minute increments a few days a week) on the PSP.

Okay…anyone who knows me, they know my favorite part of RPGs is battling. I WILL BATTLE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING…and wind up so ridiculously overlevelled for practically any Boss. (Just ask the “Persona 3” Final Boss, whom I defeated in 2 hits……..) The “Disgaea” series, with its optional Item World “dungeons”…this is like a series made for me. So…by episode 3 my character were starting to get up to level 50 and I decided that if I was going to keep on doing grinding for fun and profit, I may as well start reincarnating my characters—I usually wait until I have enough Mana for a “skilled” or “distinguished” reincarnation (more bonus points to allocate to stats). I know the guides tell you to hold out for “genius”, but I am not that patient! XD Reincarnation resets your character to level 1, though…but a good way to keep levelling up is to use the Item World with some throwaway items like Fairy Dust. But the worst thing about the Item World is the random Pirates that show up. :/

Early on…they’re normal, achievable, defeatable levels…level 12 or so. But every once in a while, that odd Pirate that’s well over level 100 shows up. It makes me angry to have to use my exit items to retreat from the Item World and quit my level-grinding because even a reincarnated team at level 1-10 still will likely be crushed by the level 100+ single Pirate. Adell can usually handle one hit after being reincarnated a couple of times (he’s a monster, really…his stats……… @_@ ), but if it’s an Ambling Pirate who usually can counter, even poor Adell will probably be taken out. So yes…this picture really has happened to me. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the Pirate lands, too…until it’s your turn and you can rotate the map! laughs And every once in a while you’ll be really lucky (like this picture) and the Pirate will be stuck on an separate portion of the Item World—thank goodness they can’t leap gaps like that!!! XD

That’s when I usually send Rozalin out to pick them off. Hoping the Pirate has a Fist or Sword…and not a Gun or Bow weapon. chuckle

“Disgaea 2” characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    No fighting for that pirate...he's got to be bored over there lol

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      At least until Rozalin sniper-shoots him out of his misery! XD

      And, yeah, his name really WAS Terrormaster. laughs

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    Never was a fan of the actual main Disgaea games although I love the lore and characters. But I LOVE the Prinny games, and the Prinny's are my favorite characters of the series. Especially the Hero Prinny ! Cause red scarfs rock ! =u=

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      Adell is like my dream-RPG character...I prefer up-close battlers. So, I enjoy that the new game's main guy, Killia, is of the same type. Sword-users (as the main cast of the other games are) tend to be close-as-well-as-distance fighters, which is fine...but watching an enemy attack and your fist-user essentially counters them to death is very satisfying! XD Adell is also different because his "billowing neck object" is a TIE...everyone else has the scarf or a cape, Adell is the only one whose neckwear is worn on his frontside! chuckle

      I have a hard time levelling up the Prinnies in my party in "Disgaea 5"...the monster characters seem more geared to becoming accoutrements (Magichange) to the humanoid characters in this game. So I have fewer monster character allies in this game than I do in my replay of "Disgaea 2" that game, I have a very hardy Prinny in my party, but the handiest monster character is my Alarune (plant-guy...who is very girly) since he can do some basic healing when my healer isn't available. :)

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    Sometimes I think they should have coded the item world better... I've run into situations where I can't get off the dispatch panel, which is super dumb. I get that "random means dumb things can happen", but still....

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      Yeah...I was doing an Item World run the other day in "Disgaea 2" and there were enemies on every side of the dispatch panel. I'm like "really????" and just had Adell stand there, hit and then rely on his counters to take everyone out. XD 5 reincarnations now and he doesn't take much damage from anyone under level 20, even if he's only level 2. chuckle

      I'll say one thing...I think that's really been improved in "Disgaea 5". I've never seen that scenario happen in D5 yet...but I've seen a few sections where the Item World "islands" are so broken up you have to pretty much dispatch your 10 people just to throw one person on each section to clear it out! :/ D5's Item World also doesn't scale up the enemy level up as quickly as the other games in the series do. I can literally start in an item that starts out with level 2 inhabitants and maybe by level 50 of the item they're only around level 10-15. But longer Item World voyages also make it harder to find the Innocents to subdue. lol

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        Yeah, the item world does have a really different feel... I guess it's "nice" that you know what you're getting into, level-wise, but like you mentioned, you have to spend way more time to get any innocents that way... Oh well.

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          I do enjoy the variety of settings (from the various Netherworlds) in D5's Item World. Like the Library one.........I love that setting. Of course....only being on episode 5 of the game........I haven't seen that actual Netherworld yet! XD

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    I couldn't help but imagine 25 dm is 25 Dungeon Masters sitting around the same table of D&D going at each other's throats. XD

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      You never know...maybe it is! XD