Cha-POW Studios is comprised of four members:
Prinnycess (myself)
Asterisk (my husband)
Fiona & Kojirou (our cats.)

We were established in 2004, when we were still dating. The name "Cha-POW" is actually an amalgamation of our names. "A-PO" came from him, and the "CH-W" came from me. We were originally founded as a manga studio where we were working together on a project, but that inevitably fell through. I recycled the name when I opened our etsy shop in 2009; now, I am hoping to reopen the artistic aspect of the studio.


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on 23 June 2017 at 13:10:48 MDT

Just to update, I still haven't gotten my computer fixed, so there is still no new art. >_<; The art may exist, but when the scanner doesn't, it just gets really complicated to upload, ya know?

But, I'm nearing the final inks on Midnight Blue chapter 1. I have 10 more pages to do hand tones on the background, then I want to do a pass through to hand tone on the characters... Then I'll be ready to scan it in, (hah, computer!) add some digital tones and text.

I'm realizing that I admire Yoshihiko Ochi (I think I got that right) as an artist. He did the Record of Lodoss Wars: The Grey Witch series. His character art isn't that impressive, but his background and scene dictation is quite impressive. I want to learn how to be a better artist...

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