chibi fenrich by keirajo

chibi fenrich


27 June 2016 at 07:23:34 MDT

I should really like this guy. Really. He's got all my favorite traits...long hair, he's a werewolf, he's cute.

BUT HE'S SUCH A JERK. @_@ I am only on chapter/episode 2 of "Disgaea 4" on the PSVita, so maybe his attitude will change and maybe I'll like him, as I should like him. But he's shifty and underhanded and kinda really mean....................................

That said...I do use Fenrich and Valvatorez a bit in my "Disgaea 5" playthrough--especially in Item World runs (they're technically my highest levelled characters at the moment--even higher than Adell and Killia, whom I use A LOT! XD). But I don't have to endure Fenrich's attitude then. wry laugh

Fenrich belongs to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    He so cute <3 <3

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    The cute ones are always jerks xD

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      BUT WHY???? sobs

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    Yeah, he's not super likable yet... Hang in there.

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      I should like him...he has all the physical traits I like in male characters! But......jerk! XD

      I'm not very sold on D4's whole system yet. The Geo Blocks...purchasing specials with Mana...the Cam-Pain stuff.........and so much of it makes the uptick in enemy levels a bit steep. I've probably spent more time in the Item World just to get my spellcasters to a level enough to survive the next story map! wry laugh

      But the graphics on the Vita are simply gorgeous, it's probably the prettiest looking "Disgaea" game I've played yet (and that even compares it to D5)!!! :D

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        I don't think he's a particularly likable character until around the A-virus pandemic. (Chapter 5??)

        I agree, there are a lot of frustrating things in the game mechanics. Purchasing abilities with mana was a feature in Disgaea 3 that was really bad.... It's a little more streamlined in 4, but I was really thankful that feature was gone in 5. -_-;;

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          Glad to know he shapes up a little! XD

          It's bad enough Mana is a high commodity in any Disgaea game, but making you buy your specials is UGH! I suppose they figure they balance that out by letting you BUY Mana Potions from the regular shop, but still.......! XD

          The one feature I like in D5 is--throwing an enemy at a Geo Symbol to destroy it! That is much, MUCH handier when you are dealing with Invincibility Geo Symbols...which are usually so horribly placed in the Item World to do away with in chains. :/