dangers of the item world by keirajo

dangers of the item world


7 February 2016 at 08:03:21 MST

So..............I've been waiting to get the three "Disgaea 5" pictures I've drawn recently finished before posting any of them. Now that I have all three done, I'm just going to post them all at once. Have I mentioned I like the game? I really love the adaptability that "Disgaea 5" has over the last ones I ever played ("Disgaea" 1 and 2).

Don't go into the Item World unless you're ready. Unless you're prepared to deal with Geo Panels and THEIR EFFECTS. Really...avoid the panels that say something like "Damage -20%" or "Shrink". Yes, please avoid ones that say "Shrink" unless you destroy the Geo Symbol causing it. XD

I just wanted to put Red Magnus in the background...he's so funny. XD

"Disgaea 5" and all characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    lol! And I though bye-bye panels were bad!

    I'm watching Andrew play Disgaea 5, and he just finished chapter 1... So I just met Red Magnus myself. I think it's funny how he talks about himself in the third person.

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      The worst thing about Item World Geo Panels are...............too often there will be the Geo Symbol Monsters. So you look at the map at the start thinking to avoid that "Damage -20%" on the red panels (until you can get near enough to destroy the symbol)................and the following turn the monster moves and it's suddenly all the PURPLE panels! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! XD

      I just.................finally................finished chapter 3 and started chapter 4. So Usalia just joined up. It's cute that Red Magnus calls her "Usa-ko". :) I honestly think that Red Magnus has a huge crush on Seraphina, no matter how much they argue...he calls her "Sera" and sometimes "Sera-chan". Personally, I want to see Red Magnus and Seraphina together...not her with Killia...............

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        Yeah, she's kind of annoying with Killia.

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          She's like a weird combination of personalities of Rozalin and Axel. I'm not sure if I like a combination like that in one single person! XD