What do you need to know?
Born - 12/07/1969
Married - 09/18/2005
Sanity - Haven't seen it in years
Height - 6'6"
Weight - 225 lbs
Shoes - Size 15
Don't really like posting a profile up, but here is mine. >.>

I'm a writer .. plain and simple.

Despite the fact that I can write thousands of words in a day, I can't get a visual representation of what's in my mind onto paper. I can't draw, I can't paint, and I can't model. All I can do is write.

Now, as a writer, feedback is like gold to me. If I get even an 'I loved it' or a simple Favorite, it means oodles to me.

If I get constructive criticism, I love it more, as it makes me a better artist.

That said .. if I don't get feedback, it does slow me down, and I end up writing only for myself, rather than myself and an audience.

Flames or negativity hurts, for a short time .. it may even affect my writing a bit .. but in the long run, being an ass because you read something you didn't like, and you were warned about the stuff you complained about ... I'll write you off as an idiot.

I'll put it bluntly .. I'm in my late 40s; I have issues with Depression and ADHD; I don't need more crap in my life than what I've been already handed. I am also exceedingly opinionated; subtlety is a lost art form for me; I will give people a chance to explain their opinions, while explaining as best I can why I'm doing things my way; if I get flamed, I will come back, with both barrels blazing, and the weight of my experience and knowledge brought to bear. Just remember the Hogwarts motto: Do not tickle a sleeping Dragon!

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Come Watch Me!!!

on 5 June 2018 at 21:07:44 MDT

Come Watch Me Write

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Cameo Slot / Description

Basic Cameo
$ 2.00
Detailed Cameo
$ 5.00
Multi Chapter Cameo
$ 20.00


Comic - Dialog / Internal Dalog
from $ 10.00
to $ 40.00


Backstory / History
from $ 100.00
to $ 500.00
Short Story - One Shot
from $ 20.00
to $ 100.00
add  Additional OCS
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

If you desire a cameo spot in one of my stories ... I can accommodate you. If you desire a description for RolePlaying on a MUCK / MUD, I can work with you.

I don't do Aggro/Stomp/Squish/Vore/Scat...
I'm not sure how quickly I can accomplish anything more involved than a description.
Keep in mind, I format my descriptions by writing them on Furry Muck, in a way that reads well for that environment. I can alter things afterward, but that's the basis of all my written descriptions.


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    Thank you for the watch!
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      My comments may often be generic, but the infrequency of me actually commenting must also be taken into effect. I DON'T comment much, especially here. Hell .. I normally tend to lurk and just favorite things as I see them. If you feel offended by the brevity or genericness of my comment, then I apologize .. however, unless I feel the extreme need to comment on something, generic is where it ends up being.

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