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end of february, begining of march and a wondering...

on 6 March 2014 at 01:24:25 MST

End of february and beginning of march was… quite “interesting” to say the least.

First I got the “stomachfluSH”, as I call it, so wasn’t getting out a lot. Plus we had a lot of rain so I managed to work pretty damn good on the second novel. I am about like 30 percent in the latest chapter. Then got to make a quick teaser for the third book.

After that I concentrate on restocking on bracelets for the cons FINALLY again lol. Well with writing some and drawing in the middle.
I got a great idea of drawing Kat in a yukata since his origin training, but I am holding on to this for now to don’t “run around several projects like a headless chicken” I would say.

It was a winter school vacation here, so the kennel was busy as hell AND my mom decided to take “fly/crash” lessons thanks to a big dog.
She twisted her knee so I had to help receive the customers when they arrived in “bus”, more or less, even if it’s not my job and I don’t like to be near them. I am too good for my own good at times I know…

So anyway I just go on with my life. Also well I am stopping my latest meds, by doctor decision, on the 13 of march so I am happy. Except I get my wisdom tooth FINALLY pulled, been hanging on it since November, on the 24. So I can’t promise to be very active after that for a day or two. Or actually more active if I can’t sleep hehe.

I was wondering a little something. I see all this patreon stuff going around. And I RESPECT THEM deeply, I even helped some friends with theirs. I am up to 3 people so far I am helping hehe. But THE THING I am wondering is: would you guys would be interested if I do a patreon too?

I could give rewards like sketches, preview of the next writings, depending on the level of patreon even send any new published books or comics. And BELIEVE ME I got my mind running crazy, insert headless chicken here again, so it would be worth it. And well I am open for suggestions on those rewards right now.

I just don’t want to try to get onto it if you guys don’t think I got enough to offer and I will continue on my own pace. Would just be a great way to motivate me even more I admit and help here in our life.

Quote of the day: “Do you really have to give up on your dreams? Or can you just put them in a corner of your mind while you work your way toward it? Especially if you always been wanting them.”

Kat out

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