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Gonna maybe post some old stuff

Noticed that there's a gap of uploads I've made on Weasyl compared to my FA uploads and figured out how wide the gap is. So I was thinking maybe slowly uploading that stuff from that gap soonish. I plan on just posting here and there, so I dunno if I'll start forgetting to do it at some point. There's kind of a lot to post lol. But it should only be like an upload of old art here and there. I guess I haven't settled on rate since the faster the better to finishing posting old art, but I also would post one a day if I knew I would keep up with it. Though one a day might mean I'd be uploading for months lol.

I'm also thinking maybe making new folders to reflect them, but I dunno if that's all that needed.

Edit: Decided to make a folder for the 2019-2021 gap, but set it up like it's a scrap folder sort of, mostly cause I still don't know how I want to handle those and it does feel weird to end up having a bunch of old pics and animations in the middle of the current stuff. I do kinda wish the folders let you put a pic in multiple folders, cause otherwise, the way it's set up, I only really see it as useful if you only care about setting pics up based on year. Which honestly I am starting to think I should just set it up like that from now on lol. I dunno, haven't decided yet.

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    I've actually been here for a good while now, but I mostly use it in case I have to get in contact with people who are not on FA (anymore).
    So don't expect too much activity here from me, haha. :3

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      Yeah I saw that you didn't plan on being too active from you profile info, hence the poorly worded "passing by". But whatever!

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    Rawrr thankies for following ~<3