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Hey, welcome to my strange collection of pictures I've made. I'm mostly a sprite artist and story writer over on Questden. If you're interested in my art and characters, why not come over and check out where they come from?

Sorry I'm not interested in RP.
My account is mostly SFW. I don't draw anything lewd.


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from $ 15.00
to $ 30.00

Terms of Service
1. All commission transactions are managed through Please note that at the time of writing, uses Stripe as its payment processor, and all clients will need access to a debit or credit card in order to use the service. Paypal and other forms of transactions are not accepted. All projects and transactions will be managed via, with Stripe as the payment processor.

  1. All prices listed are estimates. I reserve the right to adjust prices on a per-commission basis, based on the difficulty or complexity of your request, or for reasons I cannot foresee ahead of time.

  2. Commission fees must be paid up front before I begin any work.

  3. No refunds once work has begun on your commission.

  4. I reserve the right to decline or cancel your commission at any time and for any reason, with or without explanation.

  5. If I cancel your commission after work has begun, I will issue a partial refund, prorated for the amount of work performed so far. The prorated amount is non-negotiable.

  6. I currently work a on call job outside of doing art commissions. While I am available most days of the week, scheduled days and times of availability can change at a moment's notice. Usually the best times to contact me would be from 5PM to 10PM Eastern standard time (EST).

  7. I only draw and do safe for work (SFW) content or content that is appropriate for a general audience. I will not draw any fetish focused or themed content. Do not ask for any explicit or adult focused content.

  8. You will need to provide a reference image of any character you wish to commission me to draw. Please only provide reference images or model sheets that are safe for work.

  9. When applicable and possible, please describe or provide examples or references of the pose(s) you'd like me to draw for your commission. I can come up with poses on my own if necessary, but providing specific poses helps a ton! Be it stock images or even a stick figure drawing, it'll help me get a better idea of what you'd like.

  10. Upon completion of your commission, you be sent an non-watermarked 1 to 1 scale version of the image for personal use, as well as a watermarked/signed version of the image. You may not repost or upload any non-watermarked or un-signed versions of my artwork anywhere.

  11. You may upload any art you have commissioned from me to your own art gallery, with the exception of Weasyl. On Weasyl, you are allowed to send me or will be sent a collection offer from me to add it to your art collection. If you upload any of my art to your gallery, you must credit me as the artist, along with links to my weasyl account page.

  12. I reserve the right to post your completed commission to my galleries and social media.

  13. You may not use works you commissioned from me, or any of my artwork, for commercial purposes, or to promote political campaigns or causes.

  14. None of my artwork is ever to be used, posted, and or to promote, make, or sell: NFTs, crypto currency, or any and all blockchain technology.

  15. None of my artwork is ever to be used or posted to promote, or be used in posts with sexually explicit content.

  16. The terms of service are subject to change.

Content I will draw:
Anthro characters.
Characters of any and all genders.
Safe for work content.

Grey area content:
This is a list of things I am currently not feeling confident in drawing. You're free to ask, but I am likely to say no for now.
Robot or machine characters.
Large/heavyweight characters.
Muscular characters.

Content I will not draw:
Explicit content.
Any fetish content.



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    Thank you for the follow! Love your pixel art!

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      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it!

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    Thanks for the follow! :)

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    You got some good pixel arts.