You can reshare my work all you want, in fact I'd love you to, BUT you MUST share with a link back to the original image where I posted it, because that's how people find my work. Plus it's just plain rude not to post the original link for people to find, rude for the people and rude against the artist. So please, reshare, but with a link back.

Collection offers: If you bought it from me, please do, you can totally add it to your collection. If it's not something you paid for, then no, I will not approve a collection offer. You can favorite it instead. That's how my collection offers work.

AT ALL. ZERO. Don't boop me or anything please. I really can't stand it. Talk to me like a person, not pretending you are an animal or something or I that I am. I have nothing against people that RP, it's just not something I like myself personally. Thanks for understanding.

I also do not allow random commissions/works with my sona in them, unless I've known them for a while and you already have my permission, if it involves another character that is not mine. I'm fairly particular in what my sona is in. I have several other characters available for this purpose if you'd like to choose one of them instead, here's a link to them:

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stream schedule and continued patreon release

on 29 January 2017 at 22:08:58 MST

Still posting the 2014 and 2015 patreon stuff in the mega release. I was doing several a day, but I reduced it to one a day, because I was having trouble keeping up with doing several extra of those a day. We have more to go, so don't worry, will keep posting them, yes yes. :3

Also, I realized I don't post very often when I stream on here. Because I'm on several sites, I sometimes don't always post when I stream, if ever. But, I stream nearly every day! So if you head over to my channel, give it a watch, and pop on in when you have time, we'd love to have you, yes!
I usually put on B-movies, Scifi stuff, futurama, different toon series, or some nice boring documentaries (those are usually when I have a headache, but there is usually always something to watch while I'm drawing.) I occasionally play a lot of music as well, and that's fun too. Oh man it's super fun to watch the b movies and have fun with them with people in the chat, it really is. :3

Also, I work on a lot of current patreon stuff on there, and anyone can come in and watch it while it's being done, so you can have sneak peaks to those things way before they're done, or if you aren't on my patreon you still get to see them, fun, yes?

Here you go, a nice lovely linky!
stream channel:

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