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Weekend Updates

'Sup guys, I'm gonna be at FandomFest in Louisville this weekend. If anyone happens to be out my way, come look for my table! Gonna have prints, buttons, keychains, magnets.. all kinds of good stuff.

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Commission Information

Commission Information
$ 15.00

Sketch - $15
Sketch with flat color- $20
Sketch with full color- $25
Line art- $30
Line art with flat color- $35
Line art with full color- $45

Prices above are for a single character with a flat or non-detailed background, bust or waist up. For anything extra please contact me and we can negotiate prices for what you need!
Price includes three minor corrections at any stage. Major re-construction or more than three corrections will cost $5 each.
Refunds are available at any stage, but a percentage of the fee will be kept depending on amount of work done on the piece.

The entire price of the piece must be paid up front. I'm sorry, but I've been ripped off one too many times. This is not negotiable.
I have the right to refuse service or give a refund at any time.
I do not do sexually explicit works or fetish material. Nudes are acceptable.

Contact me at:
RenonVesir on skype.
Message me on tumblr, deviantart, or weasyl.



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    I believe I shall gladly +follow you since your artwork is rather gorgeous. <3

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      Thanks! That's awesome of you. =)

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    And I was glad to see you'd kept up with the Splatterhouse art! I was actually thinking of commissioning you for thread banners for an upcoming LP of The Mark of Kri and its sequel. I'll message more details when I get the chance.

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      Splatterhouse is something I can't seem to quit. And sweet. Kri is .. interesting, one of those games I picked up and never beat. =)

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    Thanks for following me. :3 If you send me the picture to my collection, I'll remove my upload. :)

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      No problem. Thanks for adding me on here. =3 I've sent you the collection offer.

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    Thankkkk you for the follow! I love your artwork!