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Digital Commissions

on 28 January 2017 at 10:15:34 MST

• I can draw: any species, shape and gender, blood and gore, nude
• I won't draw: sex themes and crazy fetishes, ponies, characters without permision of owner (If you wanted picture where is besides exiting character of someone else), pictures in other style than you can see in my gallery

  • About shape of figure -> I have nothing agains chubby, muscular, curvy or thin characters. But everything has its limits! So, no hyper, macro and etc. • I'm open for other "ideas" which are not included in my pricelist (like tattoo design and things like that)

How to pay:
!! If you have super detailed character it's possible, that prizes will be higher. !!

  • Paypal, or bank account transfer
  • Payment is sent after after scheduling a commission
  • I won't work on the piece until full payment. Once i started working on the piece there is no refund possible
  • I have nothing against payments in Euros (for better help click here: )

Additional information:

  • You can use your commission as you please, but with credit me and ideally with link on my gallery.
  • !! Please report in advance, if you intend print your commission (only printed on your own, unfortunately) due to right size of picture. !!
  • Take care on date. I'm not able to finish full color picture within one week, if you suddenly want to picture as gif for someone.
  • Also I can refuse your commission, if I know that I'll have no time on work (It includes only unpaid commissions!!!)

On the very end:

  • You can contact me via notes
  • If you have any question, feel free to ask it!


♠ Sketches
Head: 5$
Bust: 10$
Fullbody: 15$
Chibi: 10$

♠ Flat color
Head: 15$
Bust: 22$
Fullbody: 30$
Chibi: 22$

♠ Cell shaded
Head: 25$
Bust: 45$
Fullbody: 65$
Chibi: 45$

♠ Character sheet: 70$ +/- (only one exception - price can be even lover due details and your requirements)

♠ Badge
Head: 25$
Bust: 45$

♠ Icon: 25$

  • Animated 50$ +/- (depends on complicacy of animation)

  • Next character + 30$

  • Detailed background + 30$

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    After long long looooooooong time I'll add some info and also pictures. At last! :D