To the Japanese fans of mine, my Pixiv Account is located below. (Re-worded to make sense in English)
Above Link is my Picarto Stream Page :3

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My name is Janet Merai, best described as a cute kitty cat hermaphrodite girl.
I am always willing to make new fur friends and get to know others, so feel free to let me know if you would like to be friends :3

On the other hand I work as a freelance artist for a Game Development Company.
My hopes, dreams and ambitions are to be a Game Developer dedicated to the Furry Fandom and general Furryness.

Most of the unfinished work I have created is always on my Scraps page, so feel free to check it out, I usually put it there a few hours or days after the initial sketch or updated version is available.

I love the Japanese Language and study it all the time.



では、上手に日本語をだがまだ勉強していています :3

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Subscribe to my Streams on, please? :3

on 4 October 2014 at 10:04:05 MDT

My Channel Link for those who hate reading boring novels like these:

As nearly all of my fans know, the best way to advertise a stream is to actually post a picture or journal and delete it later when the stream is done.

I find this process both annoying and wasteful with time.
Some of my fans have left or complained that I wasn't sculpting or making anything when my stream was advertised due to advertising them all the time and they found waiting just as annoying as I found advertising annoying.

So to fix and solve all of these problems, I now use to Stream.

Oh, the Ads you say?
Why go with instead of

Interesting questions you have, because allows you to Subscribe to any Stream you deem awesome enough to watch others making awesome stuff in is why! :3
It doesn't just stop there, you can also be notified by E-Mail when anyone, including me obviously, begins a Stream! :3

I've had some new friends I found on Streaming and I have quite the followers! :3
And I follow others, of course :P

So head on to my own Channel and Watch away... that is when I do Stream, but you would be notified by E-Mail anyway, so you know when am Streaming the second you check your email for a shiny new Stream notification! :3

Beats scouring Weasyl for Ads, doesn't it? XD

And to my Fans, don't take it personally when I do not comment or respond... I would rather work.

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